English Test Paper-29

Directions (1-5): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it in the context of the passage. English Test Paper-29

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Rotterdam harbour is the largest in the world and also the most important in Europe. It was inaugurated in 1328 as a small fishing harbour at Rotte riverside. From the 19th century, when a connection to the north sea named Nieuway Waterweg was opened, it started to grow rapidly as there was an access to the progressive German industry. Every year, around 300 million tons all conveyed there. The harbour and industrial area has around 10,500 hectares. An annual average of 30000 ships leave the harbour and 1,30,000 have it as a destination.

1. Rotterdam is in-

(1) Germany    

(2) the north sea  

(3) The vicinity of diamond harbor    

(4) Europe

2. Rotterdam is named after-

(1) A harbour, named so   

(2) Nieuwe waterweg

(3) The river Ratte      

(4) A German industries

3. The main reason for the development of Rotterdam harbour is-

(1) its access to continuously developing German industry   

(2) That it lies in the north sea

(3) That it is on the bank of a river   

(4) That it was opened in 1328

4. The figure 1,30,000 refers to-

(1) The number of ships    

(2) The number of people

(3) The number of industries   

(4) The tonnage it off loads

5. Change the Narration-

He said to me, “Don’t go out.”

(1) He forbade me not to go out.    

(2) He forbade me to go out

(3) He asked me to go out                

(4) He ordered me to go out

6. Change the Voice-

Please keep quiet.

(1) Kept to be quiet please       

(2) You are requested to keep quiet

(3) You are to be requested to keep quiet    

(4) None of these

7. Remove ‘too’ from the following-

She is being too kind.

(1) She is so being kind to be proper     

(2) She is more kind than it was proper

(3) She is being extremely kind               

(4) None of these

English Test Paper-29

8. Punctuate the following-His ns and us look alike.

(1) His, “ns and us look alike’,     

(2) His n-s and u-s look alike

(3) His n’s and u’s look alike        

(4) His ‘ns’ and ‘us’ look alike

Directions (9-10): Choose appropriate Synonym for the given words-

9. Baffle

(1) Compound       

(2) poise        

(3) composure      

(4) facilitate

10. Deceit

(1) Truth          

(2) honesty             

(3) duplicity           

(4) delay

Directions (11-12): Choose appropriate Antonyms for the given words-

11. Fragile

(1) Weak     

(2) infirm       

(3) frail     

(4)  robust

12. Jaded

(1) Tired           

(2) exhausted      

(3) refreshed    

(4) gloomy

English Test Paper-29

13. ‘To be at daggers drawn’ means-

(1) To be under suspicion     

(2) To have bitter enmity

(3) To keep unchained       

(4) confused

14. Spot the error which may be in one part of the sentence (1) or (2) or (3).  If there is no error give your answer (4) i.e. No error.

The Chief Minister distributed (1)/ blanket among (2)/ themselves. (3)/ No error (4).

15. Feminine of ‘Drake’ is-

(1) Drunk       

(2) dub      

(3) duck       

(4) dove

Directions (16-20): Filling the blanks with the words given below-

16. ………. Science has changed our life.

(1) A       

(2) an       

(3) the       

(4) no article

17. All his luggage……. stolen.

(1) Has      

(2) have     

(3)  has been      

(4) have been

18. The army……… decided to disobey its commander.

(1) Has        

(2) have     

(3) has been      

(4) have been

19. The………of deer makes a beautiful scene.

(1) Hive       

(2) heap       

(3) kennel      

(4) herd

20. The hall has a sitting capacity……….. 500 students.

(1) Of      

(2) to       

(3) for       

(4) with

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