Father Son English Conversation-1

1. Looking for something 

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Father- Raju, where are you?

Son- I’m here in my room, father.

Father- What are you doing there?

Raju- I’m doing my homework.

Father- Okay, you do it. But where is your sister?

Raju- I think, father, she is in the kitchen.

Father- Is she having her breakfast?

Raju- No, father. She has already had her breakfast.

Father- Then what’s she doing?

Raju- May be, she’s helping mother to prepare lunch.

Father- Are they both in the kitchen?

Raju- I think so. Can I help you father?

Father- Yes. I’ve been looking for my pen. Where is it? Have you seen it or taken it? It’s not on my table and it isn’t in my shirt pocket, either.

Raju- It’s not with me. I haven’t seen it. It must be in the drawer of your table. Let me look for it.

Father Son English Conversation-1

(Raju opens the drawer and looks for it.)

Raju -It’s not in the drawer, either. Geeta might have taken it. Let me ask her. Geeta, have you taken father’s pen? He’s looking for it.

Geeta- Yes. I’ve been using it. It’s on my table. Please take it from there and give it to father. I’m busy in the kitchen.

Father- I wonder why everyone takes only my pen. Now the pen is there, but where are my specs? I suppose nobody needs them, or has somebody started using them too?

Raju- They aren’t on your table. They aren’t in the drawer, either. Are they in your shirt pocket? Let me check. No, they aren’t there, either.

Father- Everything gets lost in this house. It is a pity I have to hunt for everything. Haven’t I told you all not to touch my things?

Raju-Your specs could be on the table in the sitting room. Have you looked there, father?

Father- Yes, I’ve looked everywhere. Everything else is there except my specs. ‘A place for everything and everything in its place’, is what I believe in.

Raju- Oh! Father, you not only believe in it but also practise it. Your specs are in their place, as you said.

Father- What do you mean by in their place? Where are they?

Raju- They are on your nose, right in front of your eyes.

Father- Oh, how silly of me! My goodness ! It is almost ten! Now I must be off to the office.

Father Son English Conversation-1

English Point Subhash Joshi 97539-78693

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