4. Everything is Possible (How Everything Is Possible)

Think about these 5 steps then everything will be 100% possible for you.

If you try to understand the mindset of the world’s most successful people, then these 5 points come out. 

If you understand and consider these five points before doing any work, then that work will be 100% possible. This is 100% guaranteed.

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1. Everything is Possible

These 5% of successful people 100% believe that everything is possible and how it is, you will understand it now and then you will start believing it too. Whatever comes to your mind, divide them into two categories.

Put in the first – such works which are necessary for this world and those works should be done. All such tasks are 100% possible. Because they are essential for this world.

For example, the creation of the Wright Brothers’ airplane, such as the manufacture of the bulb by the great Edison or the manufacture of the polio vaccine by John Sonk.

Put in the second category – tasks that do not need to be done.

When there is no need to do them, then there is no need to think about whether this work is possible or not. So whenever there is a desire to do any work in the mind, all you have to think is in which category this work comes. Does the world need this? Or do I need it? If need be, then however difficult the task, however difficult it may seem, it is possible. 100% possible.

2. I can learn how to succeed.

Now consider the impossible or difficult task that you have considered 100% possible by considering it necessary. Again divide those tasks into two categories.

First- Has this kind of work been done before? That is, how that work is done, we have an example available. Like how to become rich, how to become an IAS, how to fly airplanes, how to learn English.

All these things are necessary and have been done by many people in the past. So how they have been done by those people, by learning their strategy, their plan, if we follow the same policy, the same method, then the results will be almost the same, that is, from those who have done those things, we can learn how to do it. .

Second – the work we want to do has not been done by anyone before. For this we have to look at the third point.

3. I can find the way.

Now if there is work that has not been done by anyone before, so we do not have examples available like- Wright brothers did not have any example available when the airplane was being built. Similarly when the great Edison tried to manufacture the bulb, he did not have any example available which he could copy.

When Louis Pasteur made the rabies vaccine, he did not have any example available for him. 

Now just imagine what would be the mindset of these people at that time? They thought that this work is very important for the world. So 100% possible and that’s why they said yes we can find the way. Because it is 100% possible. So the way must be available. They just have to find it and they found it. 

That’s why they are called successful. So even if you try to do something that has never been done by anyone before, you can still do it. Because if that work is necessary then the way will be available. All you have to do is find it through constant effort.

4. I always produce results.

If you understand this rule then you will never be disappointed with your result in life. Whenever we do something, we get a result. What is that result, that alone gives birth to the difference.

Understand it through an example. Like you took an exam and you got 25% marks. Now if the passing level is 33% then it is natural that we did not pass. But we have not failed because we have already given 25% results. This 25% result means that if we take our effort a little bigger then it will be more. That means we always give results, we just need to take that result to the desired level. So we should not be disappointed to see how much result we gave, rather we should be happy to see that we have given some result.If some result is given then it is natural that we can take it to the desired level.

We have to do the same work now. In simple language, every person is successful, but what number he is at is a special thing. Even if you came 50th in a race of 50 people, you are still more successful than those who did not take part in that race.

So there is no question of despair. So always remember this rule and try to increase the result.

5. This Universe is Always Ready to Help You. 

Whenever you start doing any work, always remember that this world is ready to help those who want to do something special, who want to do something big. But this world will help you only when it realizes that you have used all the resources available to you. Only then this world will provide you with more resources.

If we understand in simple language, we always bet on the winning horse, that is, whoever we see working hard, we automatically come forward to help him. That’s exactly what this world does too.

So if you are trying to do something big, then you should start with the available resources. As you progress, the resources you need will be provided by the world.

How Everything Is Possible

How Everything Is Possible

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