22. Nature’s Law (How Nature’s Law Work)

As You Sow So Shall You Reap

Story Number One

Our life is also like a boomerang. A boomerang is a weapon that returns to the wielder. Many years ago two boys were studying in a college. Once they were short of money, so the idea came to their mind that the great pianist Padersky should be called to play the piano. 

The money that will be collected from this, they will use for their education and living expenses. The great pianist’s manager asked for a $2000 guarantee.

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It was considered a huge amount in those days. But the two boys accepted it and started promoting the concert. They worked hard but could deposit only 1600 dollars. 

After the ceremony, both the boys told the artist the problem. They gave him the entire amount of 1600 dollars and also wrote a promise note and said that after earning this remaining amount, they will send it to him soon.

Now they also started seeing the end of their college studies. But Padersky said – no my children, this cannot happen. He tore the contract. Returning all the money he said, take out all your expenses from this $1600 and keep 10% of the remaining amount as your hard work and I will take the rest.

Years went by, the First World War happened and ended. Padersky was now Prime Minister of Poland and was struggling to provide food for the thousands of hungry people in his country. And only one man could help him, and that was Herbert Huber, a US Food and Relief official. Huber acted without delay, sending thousands of tons of grain to Poland.

Padersky arrived to thank Herbert Huber for his help when the problem of starvation ended. Hearing the thanks, Huber said that there was no need for thanks. You probably don’t remember that you helped me when I was in college and I was in trouble.

Friends, the most beautiful gift of life is that whenever we do good to someone, our good happens automatically. Goodness finds its way back. This is the basic law of nature. 

While doing good deeds there is no need to wish for the fruits because the fruit will come back. Just think whom you did something nice last time. Smiling towards someone, praising someone, these are also good deeds. Keep doing it, you will be happy.

If you have gone to visit any hill station then you must have seen Echo Point. Echo point is a place from where what we call comes back. Our life is also like an echo point in which we will get what we give. There is a saying that you will reap what you sow.

If we want love, respect and help in life then we also have to give love, respect and help to someone.

Story Number Two

A small child became angry with his mother, as are often the case with young children. He shouted angrily I hate you. Fearing his mother’s rebuke, he ran away from home to the hills and started screaming there I hate you, I hate you. Hitting the big mountains, his voice returned I hate you, I hate you. 

The child was terrified upon hearing this and returned home and told his mother that there was a dirty child in the hills. Who says I hate you I hate you.

The mother understood everything, she told the child to go to the hills and say that I love you, I love you.

Then look, what does that little kid say to you?

The little boy went there and shouted loudly I love you, I love you and from there came a voice I love you, I love you. The child was happy to hear this.

This incident gives us a deep lesson that our life is also like an echo. What we give comes back to us. It is a pity that we forget this childhood lesson when we grow up. If you want to be happy, then share happiness. In return you will also get happiness.

Remember one thing here. It is not necessary that the one who is giving you happiness should return you happiness. It is not necessary that the one you are helping will help you. If you have given happiness to someone, if you have helped someone, nature will return you more than that, but through some other means and at some other time.

How Nature’s Law Work

How Nature’s Law Work

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