Happiness -How To Be Always Happy

What is the ultimate goal of our life? 

That is Happiness. 

I love to talk about happiness. 

I would love to discuss about happiness.

Happiness is a wonderful feeling. 

Happiness is here, there & everywhere. 

Happiness is in you, in me and in everyone.

Every one of us wants to achieve a lot of things.

So we work for it. 

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If you are not happy with what you have,

you won’t be happy, whatever you achieve.

& in last you will behave like a fox

who could not find grapes.

Listen this history and try to understand

the hidden message of this beautiful story.

Whenever you feel sad

just remember the moral of this story 

And it will help you to be happy again. How To Be Always Happy

One day in a forest, a hungry fox was wandering in search of food. 

He had nothing to eat. 

He went here and there in search of food. 

He wandered about the whole day long, 

But it could get nothing to eat. 

At last he came to a garden. 

There he saw grapes hanging from a vine. 

The grapes were ripe and nice. 

His mouth watered to see the grapes. 

He wanted to eat them.

The grapes were high up. 

He jumped again-and-again to get at the grapes,

but in vain. 

They were too high for him. At last he was tired. 

He gave up trying. He went away saying,

“These grapes are sour, If I eat them, I shall fall ill.”

Moral: Those who cannot get a thing,

often say that they do not want it.

How To Be Always Happy

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