12. Focused or Determined (How To Be Focused)

You will succeed if you are determined.

You will succeed if you are focused.

Friends, this morning is very wonderful which you can use to change your life. If you are reading this blog, it means that you want to be successful in life. If you are determined to be successful in life, then surely you have joined the race for success. And the special thing is that every person is successful in this race. Some early, some late.

Let’s see the story of a person who was determined to do something, struggled and did what will give him life-long satisfaction that God did not make him useless.

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Padman Arunachalam whose struggle is shown by Akshay Kumar in Padman movie. When Arunachalam got married in 1998, his wife used to use very dirty clothes during MC. Seeing this he was shocked.

He saw that his sister and wife looked for newspapers, dirty clothes from the junk to pass this time. She couldn’t even mention this to anyone. It was time that Arunachalam came up with the idea of ​​making cheap sanitary napkins. Arunachalam could see a big opportunity in this monthly problem of women and that is where his struggle started.

During this research, he started collecting used napkins so that he could experiment on them. People started thinking him crazy. Nobody wanted to meet him. Nobody wanted to talk. And the villagers started to assume the shadow of ghosts on him. They also started calling him vampire and tried to do black magic to cure him. But before the situation got worse, Arunachalam left the village. This is about 2004-05.

He traveled across the country when Arunachalam was working on it. During this, when he went to Uttar Pradesh, he came to know that in a village there, a virgin girl had used a pad and when she was going through the road, people told her that if you use a pad, you will be bitten by a mad dog. Not only this, he was even intimidated that if a dog ate your used sanitary pad, no one would marry you.

When Arunachalam came to MP, he found that every woman here was shown the fear of her mother-in-law dying for using a pad. Arunachalam witnessed many such incidents across the country and his desire grew stronger.

Many people thought he was insane when he was experimenting. During this, people also suspected that Arunachalam was not a man. They begin to understand that Arunachalam is a woman.

When he initially made the pads, he gave them to the medical college girls for use so that his words would help them. But our society had suppressed this issue so much that he did not get the right feedback. But he persevered, persevering in his search, the matter grew so much that even his wife began to suspect that he wanted to get closer to other women on the pretext of pad.

And his wife left him and went away. But he did not give up his mission. He kept doing the job, along with this experiment. If there was a night shift, he would work on his mission during the day. Arunachalam spent many nights without sleeping. Often he didn’t even have food to eat. His condition had become like a beggar. People used to make fun of him and called him mad.

Day of result

Finally Arunachalam’s eight and a half years of penance paid off and Arunachalam was successful in making such a machine which makes sanitary napkins for just one rupee. This machine of Arunachalam is also being used in countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan. Now he is a successful entrepreneur. He has been awarded the Padma Shri and a film has also been made on his struggle.

So from this story of Arunachalam, we can learn some special things.

1. Look carefully at any problem around us in society. If that problem is seriously related to life then you can get a big opportunity. Recognize that problem, grab that opportunity.

2. If people start thinking you are crazy, put obstacles in your work, then understand that by completing this work you can make a difference in the lives of many people and this change will give you what you want.

3. Realize that every major change demands struggle, demands sacrifice and most importantly demands time. If you persevere, refuse to budge, refuse to break, then you will enjoy the results.

So dear friends I hope this true story will give you an opportunity to learn something. It will help in making your life better. If you want to help your friends, then share this story with them.

How To Be Focused

How To Be Focused

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