86. Courage (How To Become Courageous)

The painful story of the struggle of the shining Muniba – How To Face Problem

Who is this Muniba Mazari? 

What is their story? 

Let’s see. Muniba Mazari is a Pakistani Artist, Model, Activist, Motivational Speaker, Singer, Television Host. So friends, meet the Iron Lady of Pakistan. This story can give life to the corpse.

Muniba, known as the Iron Lady of Pakistan, is the National Ambassador of Pakistan to the United Nations. In 2015, the British news organization BBC included her in its 100 Women Series. In the year 2016, Forbes magazine included her among the 30 celebrities in the world under the age of 30.

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Born-Early Life Of Muniba Mazari

Born on March 3, 1987, the story of Muniba is inspiring for any human being. You would be surprised that the Muniba the world knows today has a painful story behind it. Muniba is handicapped, and walks on a wheelchair. At the age of just 20, in a car accident, the lower part of his waist was badly damaged. She could not stand on her feet. Muniba has narrated all this story herself in a program.

Muniba was born in a Baloch family. Muniba wanted to become a painter as a child but her family was conservative. At the age of 18, she got married at the behest of her father, despite not wanting to do so. Muniba’s married life was not happy. After 2 years of marriage, an accident happened which changed her life.

Muniba said that her husband had fallen asleep while driving the car and when the car became uncontrollable, he jumped out of the car and saved himself, but Muniba was in the car. The car fell into the ditch. Muniba was badly injured. She was pulled out of the car.

Muniba was given first aid and admitted to the hospital. Muniba remained in the hospital for two and a half months. One day the doctor came to her and said that you will never be able to stand on your feet anymore. Muniba accepted it somehow.

The next day the doctor told her that her childhood wish of becoming a painter would never come true as she would never be able to paint again. Muniba also tolerated this. But the next day when the doctor told her that now you will never be able to become a mother, Muniba wept. How To Become Courageous

Muniba started questioning her own existence. 

Why did God keep her alive? 

Muniba had become disabled and in this condition as most weak people do, her husband did the same and divorced Muniba. But Muniba had endured so much pain so far that she sent him the best of luck message at the time of her husband’s marriage.

Now Muniba stopped cursing God and started giving thanks. Muniba understood that God had given her a new life to live on her own. Muniba wrote down all her fears in a list step by step and started facing them. According to the doctor, Muniba could not paint, but Muniba started painting with a brush in the hospital herself. All her sorrows, deep feelings were converted into art through colors. Gradually her art started getting recognition.

He also started singing songs. Now she is also a singer. Sitting on a wheelchair, she stepped into the modeling world and rose to fame. She also does anchoring on TV.

Muniba recognized the will of God and moved ahead believing in herself and this is the reason why the status, which she has achieved today, she could never achieve with her husband. So friends, if there is any conflict in life, then try to know what is the will of God? What does he want you to do?

Speech / Quotes Of Muniba Mazari Some special things said by Muniba. How To Become Courageous

There is no doubt that my body is confined within a limited range but my soul is free and so is my mind with which I can dream big.

I could not find any hero, so I made myself a hero.

Wheelchairs should not be an excuse. If there is something to be done, thank you for what you have and write your success story with what you have. Learn to turn your shortcomings into opportunities. So be happy, be grateful, be alive and don’t let anyone stop you from increasing your ability.

Muniba says that she felt bad when her husband left her but it was good that he left otherwise she would not have got this lovely life.

So friends see the summary at the end. Look around you carefully. Watch your life carefully. Where there is a shortage of this life and the world and its shortcomings, you will see the opportunity. Recognize this opportunity like a friend. If Muniba kept on counting her shortcomings and complaining to God, she would not have got this life.

Today we would not be talking about Muniba. Muniba not only created herself but also fulfilled her desire to become a mother by adopting a girl child. Try to bring change in your life from today itself. From today, while making every decision, while making every complaint, remember Muniba whether your problem, your struggle is bigger than Muniba. If not then take action and change your life.

How To Become Courageous

How To Become Courageous

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