65. Good Listener (How To Become Good Listener)

A group of frogs

What people say matters?

But what you say to yourself matters more. 

Read this short story and try to understand the message of this story.

Words have great power as they can change your life.

But you need to change your approach.

Change your way of thinking and change your life.

So let’s start the story.

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Just imagine that a group of frogs is traveling across a forest in search of a pond. 

While hopping around, two frogs fell into a deep pit. 

The other frogs gather around the pit and express their concern over the situation. 

As the two frogs try to jump out of the deep pit, the other frogs discourage them by saying how impossible it is to jump out.

The two frogs choose to ignore the demotivating words of others and decide to jump out of the pit. 

They try very hard and put in all their efforts to come out of the pit while the frogs watching from the top tell them to give up.

Eventually, one among them is influenced by the other frogs and dies as it gives up the struggle to come out of the pit. 

The other frog continues to jump as hard as it can.

After an immense struggle, it finally comes out of the pit alive. Other frogs are surprised and ask how it managed to come up in spite of them telling it to give up. 

The frog explains that it is deaf and assumed that everyone was cheering for it.

Moral of the story:

People’s words have a significant impact on our lives. 

But it is essential how we take them and influence our lives.

How To Become Good Listener

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