67. You Are Unique (How To Become Unique)

How To Become Invincible

Story of one handed boy 

This is the story of a boy from a small town in China. This boy had wanted to learn Judo since childhood. When he was 10 years old, an accident happened and his right arm had to be amputated. But this boy’s desire to learn judo did not diminish at all. When he insisted a lot, his parents took him to a school, teaching Judo in that city.

When the judo master saw him, he was very surprised and he asked the boy, “You don’t even have a right hand, how will you fight the person in front?”

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The boy said, “It is your job to tell this. All I know is that I have to beat everyone.

The Guru was very impressed by his strong will to learn and said, I can teach you but I have one condition that you will continue to do as I say without question.

The boy bowed his head at the feet of the master in agreement.

Then the judo master taught the boy a punch and asked him to practice. The master used to make him do small and other exercises, but mainly he had to practice just this punch. 6 months passed by doing this.

Seeing other students practicing different punches and kicks, the boy had a lot of desire to ask the master, but he had full faith in his master, so he kept practicing that punch without doubting his master.

Time passed and the boy kept doing small exercises to make the body tolerant besides that punch.

It had been two years since everyone had been learning judo when one day the Guru called all the disciples and said, “I have given you the knowledge I had to give and now according to the tradition of the Gurukul, the best disciple is selected through a competition. And it will be done through a competition.

Guru ji called that boy to take part in his first match.

He started fighting and to his surprise he won his first two matches with great ease. The third match was a bit tougher, but after a few struggles, the opponent turned his attention away from him for a few moments, which he had been waiting for. He used his perfect punch on the opponent and won the match. In this way he made his place in the final.

This time the opponent was far more experienced and powerful. Seeing it, it seemed that the child would not be able to stand in front of him even for a minute.

The match started. The opponent was weighing heavily on the boy. The referee proposed to stop the match and wanted to declare the opponent the winner, but the master said, “No, the match will go through.”

The match resumed. The opponent was overconfident and now he underestimated the boy. And in this conceit, he made a huge mistake, he removed his defense.

Taking advantage of this, the boy, who had practiced the punch for two years, used it on the opponent with full force and accuracy. There was so much power in that punch that the opponent could not face it and the boy was declared the winner.

After winning the match the boy asked the master, “Master, how did I win this competition with just one punch?”

Moral Of The Story

The master said that you won for two reasons. 

First, you have mastered the most difficult punch of Judo. When you play this punch, the person in front will never be able to bear it. 

And the second is that there is only one way to avoid this punch and that is to grab your right hand and pull it down. 

The boy had understood that today his greatest weakness had become his greatest strength.

Like that child, if you also insist on reaching the pinnacle of success, then no matter what you lack, it cannot stop you from reaching the top. 

If there is any kind of doubt in your mind then you should talk to your Guru. 

A qualified teacher can turn your weakness into your greatest strength.

How To Become Unique

How To Become Unique

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