13. About hobbies How To Create Hobbies

Raju : Hello, Vinod! Good morning. Where are you going? What’s this big sack for?

Vinod : Good morning! l’am going to buy some feed for the chickens. Poultry keeping has been my hobby.

Raju : How long have you had this hobby? Have you got a lot of chickens?

Vinod : It has been my hobby for almost two years. I don’t have a lot of chickens, just about 200 of them.

Raju : Do you spend a lot of time on them? How do you keep them?

Vinod : I keep them in a chicken-run. I spend about half an hour in the morning and about an hour in the afternoon.

Raju : How do you spend this time?

Vinod : In the morning I fill all the feed trays, keep enough water for the chickens and then collect all the eggs. I do a little bit of cleaning, too.

Raju : And in the evening?

Vinod : I do the same thing. You see, in the morning I don’t get much time but after coming back from the college in the afternoon I spend more time at the chicken-run.

Raju : How many eggs do you get a day?

Vinod : I have both layers and broilers. On an average, I get about 70 to 80 eggs a day.

Raju : How do you sell them?

Vinod : That’s no problem. The shop in front of my house buys all the eggs. I sell them by the dozen.

Raju : What about the broilers?

Vinod : There are only a hundred odd of them. When they are eight weeks old, they are dressed and sold to one or two restaurants in town. But some customers don’t like to buy dressed chicken. They buy live chickens and get them dressed. They are sold by the kilo.

Raju : So it is a hobby that brings in some money.

Vinod : I hope so. Don’t you have any hobbies?

Raju : Yes, I have a good vegetable garden. I sell the vegetables to the co-operative store near my house and I make a little pocket money out of it. I wonder why I shouldn’t start a poultry farm on a small scale like yours.

Vinod : That’ll be a good idea, but initially you’ll have to spend some money on making a shed and other things. Later on you can develop it into a full-time business. Right now, you see, we can’t afford to have expensive hobbies like those of some of our friends.

Raju : No, l’am afraid not. Photography, for instance, is very expensive. Monu says he spends about ₹ 2000 every month.

Vinod : Arun’s hobby is travelling. That’s also expensive. This vacation he is planning to visit some of the famous temples in South India.

Raju : His father is a philatelist. Philately also is an expensive hobby but sometimes they make a lot of money by selling old and rare stamps.

Vinod : Does he buy stamps?

Raju : I think so. He buys first-day covers, the day stamps are issued. I’ve seen him buying stamps once.

Vinod : There are other hobbies like painting, reading, etc that are not expensive. For painting you may have to spend a little money but for reading one can borrow books from the library.

Raju : But people whose hobby is reading also buy books and normally will have a good collection of books in their home library. You know they love books. My uncle’s hobby is angling. On holidays he goes out with his rod and line very early in the morning. He is also a numismatist and has a good collection of rare coins

Vinod : Isn’t angling a good hobby? You spend your leisure, entertain yourself and get enough fish. The purpose of a hobby is to have an occupation for one’s leisure. The time is spent usefully and it makes you happy. You don’t idle away your time.

Raju : Yes, a hobby is pursued mainly for mental satisfaction. Working in a flower garden yields great pleasure. You enjoy looking at the plants and flowers. I think we should encourage youngsters to have some hobbies. That’ll also prevent them from falling into bad ways.

Vinod : You are right. If they have hobbies, their leisure will be fully occupied and they will be free from boredom. Hobbies help them to relax and they feel refreshed. One should choose a hobby that agrees with one’s mental make up or one that one likes. Thanks for your company, Raju. Now I must take this road to the left to get some feed for my chickens.

Raju : Bye, bye! See you tomorrow.

Vinod : Bye! How To Create Hobbies

How To Create Hobbies

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How To Create Hobbies

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