Develop a good personality-How To Create Impressive Personality

Every day we meet and deal with several people.

We like and admire some of these people.

We remember most of them.

A few of them may leave a very poor impression.

Some of them may be very smart while others may be just ordinary.

What is it that makes us remember these people?

Most often it is their appearance, their behaviour, or their peculiarities.

We often say that so and so has impressed us a lot.

It is because of his or her personality.

What is personality?

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It is the distinctive character or qualities of a person.

Each one is an individual and is different from others.

People who possess a good personality are admired and appreciated by everybody.

Such people usually become good leaders.

Others are easily impressed with them.

There is a belief that personality is inborn.

It is not true. How To Create Impressive Personality

Personality can be developed through cultivation of good habits.

One should avoid bad manners, dishonesty and selfishness.

One should develop positive qualities like sincerity, courage, generosity, self-confidence, etc.

The appearance of a person has its importance.

One should be neat and tidy.

Our clothes should be neat and clean.

We should have a pleasant appearance. 

A smile adds charm. 

The way a person walks, talks and deals with others tells us a lot about his or her personality.

Fashionable clothes for good looks are not necessary for a good personality.

Our physical build does not add or reduce our personality.

Napoleon had a great personality even though he was of very short stature.

Abraham Lincoln and Mahatma Gandhi were lean and thin.

Yet they had wonderful personalities.

Personality can be said to be the sum total of qualities that a person possesses.

It is very necessary to have a good personality.

It can be developed if one tries to cultivate certain habits and qualities.

Little things are important in developing a good personality.

One need not worry about one’s background.

One should think positively and have faith in God.

One should also have faith in oneself.

To have a good personality, one should have a good character.

The mind should be pure and clean.

The face is the index of the mind.

This is one of the secrets of developing a good personality.

Let us start today, let us start now to develop or to improve our personality.

How To Create Impressive Personality

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