59. Appreciation (How To Encourage People)

Power of encouragement

This incident is from the time of the famous painter Picasso. This incident explains to us the power of encouragement and also tells us that if we say something about someone, it should be with words of encouragement. Just a few words of encouragement can change a person’s life. So let’s see a real incident.

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One day the painter Picasso was retiring from his work and sunbathing in the courtyard. Then a middle-aged man comes to meet him. That person has some old paintings and some sketches in his hand. He requests Picasso to see those paintings and tell if this painter has any talent. Could this painter have a bright future in painting?

Picasso looked at those paintings and sketches very carefully. Expressing his happiness, he said, “Oh wow, these paintings are very nice. This painter has a lot of talent. He should be given all kinds of encouragement. If he perseveres in this work and works hard, there is no doubt that one day he will become a great painter.

Hearing Picasso’s words, the man’s eyes filled with tears.

On being asked by Picasso, he told him that I had made these paintings 30 years ago. I wish, at that time someone had encouraged me like you, then today I would have been living a happy life instead of regretting it.

Picasso said it doesn’t matter, you can still be a great painter. Because you still have a lot of time left.

Whether the person started painting again or not. Or what happened to his future, no one knows. But we can learn so much from this true incident that if any one of us gives any advice to anyone, then we should give true advice but that advice should be with encouraging words.

When little courageous stories can change people’s lives, wouldn’t better advice help someone? 

Another thing we should learn from this story is that whenever we take advice from someone, we should only listen to the positive side of it. If advice from one is not right, talk to many people but accept only and only positives.

How To Encourage People

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