66. Problems (How To Face Problems)

Knowledge through story – 

Personality development master Ji told the students a wonderful thing through a story in class today. If the knowledge of this story is used in life then almost all our problems can be solved. So let’s see what the story is-

It is a matter of ancient times. A farmer lived in a village. He had many animals but he got the most help from a donkey, so that farmer loved his donkey very much.

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One day the farmer loaded the goods on the donkey and reached the field. After unloading the goods on the field, he left the donkey to graze on the green grass. The donkey reached near an old dry well built in the grazing field and suddenly slipped and fell in it. As soon as he fell, he started shouting loudly – ​​“Dhenchu-Dhenchu….Dhenchu-Dhenchu….”

Hearing his voice, the farmer ran to the well, looking for him. The old well was very deep and it was not an easy task to get the donkey out of that well. The farmer loved his donkey very much, so he made many efforts to get his donkey out. When no idea worked, the farmer thought now its death was certain.

But that farmer loved his donkey very much, so he thought that by adding soil, I bury it here so that it does not suffer for long. Then the farmer started pouring soil into the well with a shovel.

As soon as the farmer put the soil inside, the donkey would throw it down on his back. When this went on for a while, the donkey came up a little. The farmer was very surprised to see this and he understood the trick that if I keep pouring soil like this, then the donkey will slowly come up.

The farmer kept pouring the soil and at last the donkey reached the mouth of the well, and finally jumped out. So the next time you get into trouble, try to shake it off and move on.

Then Master Ji explained in the end that our life is also like this. No matter how careful we are, no matter how much struggle we have, we try to avoid dangers, but sometimes, somewhere or the other, we get caught in the problem. 

If we shake off the burden of that problem like a donkey and keep climbing on it, then one day we can get rid of all the problems.

Are you still suffering from any anxiety?

Are you still facing any problem everyday?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then contact me soon. So that we can find our success in those same troubles and enjoy this beautiful life.

How To Face Problems

How To Face Problems

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