80. Rejections (How To Face Rejections)

Foundation Of Success 

Success is not achieved until many failures are not laid on the foundation of success. This is the reason why most people do not succeed, because the foundation of their success is very hollow. 

If a big building is to be built, the foundation has to be made strong. It is also said that with all success stories there are stories of great failures.

The only difference is that after every failure, the one who rises up with renewed vigor, tries again, only he will succeed. 

That alone deserves success. Successful people learn from their failures and move forward.

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What is the story of Edison’s childhood?

One day a 4-year-old boy returned home from school, and in his pocket there was a letter from his teacher, in which it was written that your child is so retarded that he cannot learn anything. We can’t keep him in school.

When the child’s mother read this, she did not mind and decided that she would teach her child herself. When the child asked, the mother said that that school is not suitable for you. You are so qualified that they do not have such qualified teachers to teach you, so we will study at home.

These words of praise worked magic. These words of encouragement from the mother changed the thinking of that child. And you know that as soon as our thinking changes, our way of working also changes. 

This child grew up to become the great inventor Thomas Edison. Edison could only attend school for three or four months.

How To Face Rejections

Edison’s factory was on fire.

Now come in the year 1914, in 1914 his factory was burnt. At that time he was 67 years old. 

Edison was no longer young, the factory insurance was also for very little money. Even after seeing his life’s hard work flying like smoke, Edison said that this waste is very precious, all our mistakes were burnt to ashes. I thank God for giving us the opportunity to start afresh. He invented the phonograph just 3 weeks after that catastrophe.

Can you have such a great attitude? 

What is the story of the electric bulb?

Thomas Edison had to do 10,000 unsuccessful experiments before he could make the electric bulb. 

In a press conference when he was asked that you have failed to make the bulb, what will you do now? Edison said no, I have not failed. This is your point of view because I know 10000 ways in which a bulb cannot be made. 

Shortly after that he succeeded in making the bulb. Just think and see how many people are around you who will keep trying to be successful even after failing 10000 times.

You can’t succeed unless you try. And as long as you keep trying, you are not going to fail. Pick a task and get ready to complete it. 

Tell the mind that until this work is not completed, there is nothing else. Then see your goal is definitely fulfilled. Your dreams will surely come true.

How To Face Rejections

How To Face Rejections

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