How To Gain Self-confidence -How To Gain Self-confidence 

Self-confidence is the faith a person should have in himself or herself.

People who succeed are those who have full confidence in their abilities.

They are daring and very positive.

We must develop our self-confidence.

If we do not have confidence in ourselves how will others have confidence in us?

Everything looks easy and possible to the ones who have self-confidence.

We should be convinced that we can do things.

This will help us to have a positive outlook.

Like Napoleon we should be able to say that the word “impossible” is found in the dictionary of fools.

Each one of us should say “I can do it, I have the abilities and I will do it.”

We should not say “how can I or it’s impossible or I can’t or never” 

This confidence will give us an inner drive.

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It will make us self-reliant and many impossible things will become possible.

That is where a miracle takes place.

We should convince ourselves that a person’s capacity or ability to do things does not only depend on his or her education, background, size, wealth or appearance.

It is the will that matters. How To Gain Self-confidence 

It is the self-confidence and a very strong determination to succeed that matters.

The so-called highly successful people, super heroes were all ordinary people with extraordinary self-confidence and determination.

Let us not forget that we are the children of God, who is almighty.

Each one of us is unique.

Each one of us has a lot of talents.

What is lacking is our self-confidence.

We should have faith in God and remember that God helps those who help themselves.

History is full of examples. Beethoven, the great composer was deaf, 

Milton, the great poet was blind, 

Helen Keller, the great social worker was both deaf and blind. 

One who lacks self-confidence will always be a failure.

A cat that is afraid to wet its paws can never catch a fish.

Every human activity calls for self-confidence.

It may be diving, driving, swimming, mountain climbing, public speaking, a business venture and so on.

Success belongs to those who have self-confidence.

They can who think they can.

They can’t who think they can’t.

How To Gain Self-confidence 

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