16. Talking about the vegetable garden How To Grow Vegetable

Mohan : Hello, Rohit. Good morning.

Rohit : Good morning. How are you?

Mohan : Fine, thank you and how are you?

Rohit : Very well by the kind grace of God.

Mohan : You seem to be in a hurry to go home. Today is Saturday. You don’t have to go to class. But then, what’s the hurry?

Rohit : I want to take this grocery to my mother. We are expecting some guests to lunch today. Today is a day when I normally do a lot of work at home.

Mohan : Like what?

Rohit : On Saturdays, I clean all the windows and doors, remove cobwebs and do a lot of dusting all over. That’s my work inside the house.

Mohan : Do you also do work outside?

Rohit : Yes, we have a vegetable garden. My father is a retired person and he works every day in our vegetable garden. On weekends, I help him with the

garden work like digging, making seed beds, weeding, mending the fence, etc.

Mohan : Do you get enough vegetables from your garden?

Rohit : Yes, we don’t normally buy vegetables. We get enough for our consumption and to spare. And in fact, I can give you a long lecture on the advantages of a vegetarian diet. It has been proved by the Japanese scientists that there is much less chance for heart diseases and cancer in people who are vegetarians. In addition, it has been found out that vegetables contain a lot of vitamin C and other properties that can prevent cancer. It is also better for people with hypertension to turn to a vegetarian diet. People suffering from diabetes would do well to eat more fibrous vegetables. Very

rarely only vegetarians suffer from constipation. A vegetarian diet also helps to reduce the cholesterol level in our blood. People who have the greatest longevity of life are vegetarians,

Mohan : Yes, I understand how advantageous it is. What kind of vegetables do you have in your garden?

Rohit : We have a variety of them such as okra, tomatoes, bitter gourd, egg-plants, snake gourd, green beans, some leafy vegetables, etc.

Mohan : Don’t you plant carrots, cabbages and cauliflower?

Rohit : No, they don’t grow well in our climate.

Mohan : Do you use fertilisers?

Rohit : No, we don’t. They are expensive. But we do use compost manure, cow dung and ash. We also spray insecticides once in a while.

Mohan : One day I’ll come and see your garden so that I can also make a kitchen garden.

Rohit : The advantage is that you get fresh vegetables every day right from your garden. You pick them yourself. Besides the exercise it provides, the pleasure you derive is immeasurable. You must take it up as a hobby. It is not very easy as you think.

Mohan : Do you mean to say keeping a vegetable garden is a tough job?

Rohit : No, I don’t mean that. The point is that you have to keep the garden as clean as possible, especially in the rainy season. If you want to keep your garden free from weeds, you have to work a few minutes every day. Any major work, you can do on weekends, when more time is at your disposal.

Mohan : Seeing is believing. So tomorrow I’ll come and see your garden and I’m sure I’ll draw some inspiration from your garden. Okay, bye now.

Rohit : Do come tomorrow! Bye! See you tomorrow.

How To Grow Vegetable

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How To Grow Vegetable

How To Grow Vegetable

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