49. Confidence (How To Have Solid Confidence)

How to Increase Your Confidence By Moral Story little Child Saves Elder

No matter how big or how small, no matter how difficult or how easy the goal is, it is determined by our ability and friends, ability is determined by our confidence

If you believe that you can do something, then of course you can do it. But if you do not have faith, then you give up before starting that work.

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We all have limitless potential. But the problem is that we are never told that you are of infinite potential. People give advice based on their experience. But sadly, their experience is more negative.

If someone tells you that you cannot do this work, then..

How will it affect you? 

How should we take that matter? 

Let’s first see a story and then answer this question.

There were two children in a village. One was a little fat and the other was thin. The friendship between the two was very deep. For most of the time they lived with each other. They also used to do most of the work together, be it playing or studying. One day both of them go out roaming around the village where there was an old well.

If they saw into the well, there was no water in the well. Suddenly the fat child’s foot slips and he falls into the well. Now he calls on another child for help. The other child also tries hard to get his friend out. Looking around, he finds an old rope. He immediately puts the rope in the well. When his friend gets hold of that rope he starts pulling the rope. After much effort, he takes his fat friends out of the well.

During this, the condition of both of them deteriorates. Clothes get damaged and some wounds also occur. When they reach their village people ask what happened to you.

They both tell the villagers that the fat friend had fallen into the well and the thin friend pulled him out. When people hear this, they don’t believe it. They say you are so skinny that you cannot take him out. You don’t have that much strength. Nobody believes them.

Do you understand what is happening to them? 

How do you think that skinny friend could get his fat friend out of the well? Which no one was ready to accept.

The reason for this is very small that when he was trying to get his friend out there was no one to tell him that you can’t do this work and that’s why he used his ability based on need and he did such work which was beyond the capacity of a normal person. That’s why no one believed him.

Always remember. If you make a big goal, try to do something big and if someone says that you can’t do it. It can’t be done by you, then give him a very simple answer. 

This work is beyond your capacity, that’s why you are saying so. This is your idea. Keep it with you.

If you have full faith in your ability and try to do something big, then your work will be completed. Still, if your faith shakes, someone tries to break your trust or  you need encouragement, guidance then do talk to me once.

How To Have Solid Confidence

How To Have Solid Confidence

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