10. Helping a friend How To Help Friend

Raju – Hello, Monu, you seem to be going on a long journey with that box and bag. Are you?

Monu – Hello! No, I’m just going to my brother’s house in town. But it seems the only bus on this route is broken down. Though it is half an hour past the scheduled time, it hasn’t come.

Raju – Why can’t you go on foot? It is better than waiting like this.

Monu – Oh, it’s too far to walk. Besides, the box and the bag are too heavy for me to carry.

Raju – Well then, you had better take an auto.

Monu – Yes, that’s what I’m looking for though an auto will be more expensive than a bus. How much do you think, will it cost me to go to town by auto?

Raju – Not more than thirty rupees.

Monu – I think I have enough money to pay for an auto. But an auto is not available here and the last half an hour one hasn’t come this side.

Raju – There are a number of taxis around here. Do you like to go by taxi? Of course, a taxi will be much more expensive than an auto.

Monu – No, I can’t afford to go by taxi. A taxi is too expensive to go by. If you can help me, I can get to town without much difficulty.

Raju – What can I do for you? I shall only be happy if I can be of some help to you.

Monu – If you can carry this bag for me, I can carry this box. We can walk up to the main road. It will take us only 10 minutes to reach there. I can easily get a bus to town from there.

Raju – That’s right. Come, let’s go. Instead of waiting indefinitely, we could have started earlier.

Monu – I’m lucky to have seen you in time. By the way, how far are you going? Are you going to town, too?

Raju – No, I just came to the road, thinking of taking a stroll. All morning I’ve been sitting at home and getting bored.

Monu – Do you remember our classmate Sonu? The other day I bumped into him in town. He works in Indore and has come down on leave. He promised to come home but I haven’t seen him since.

Raju – Maybe, he is busy visiting relatives and friends. Give him my greetings when he comes to you. If he can spare enough time, you can bring him over to my house for a cup of tea. When will you be back? Where does Sonu live?

Monu – I wiIl be back tomorrow. He lives at Patel Nagar. If Sonu comes, I’ll try to bring him over to your place. Isn’t that bag heavy? Shall we try a swop?

Raju – OK, give me that box. Do you think it’s lighter? Anyway, we don’t have far to go.

Monu – I think the bag is slightly heavier than the box. Now Raju, you’ll have to go back alone.

Raju – That’ll be a nice walk for me. 

Monu – Normally, will you be at home in the evening? What time do you knock off?

Raju – We knock off at five and by six I’ll be at home. After that I don’t go out.

Monu – In that case, if Sonu comes, I know when to find you at home.

Raju – Fine.

Monu – So here we are and thanks a lot for your help, Raju. But for you I wouldn’t have managed to carry both the box and the bag.

Raju – By the way, were you present at the club meeting on Sunday?

Monu – Yes, I was. Why weren’t you there?

Raju – Oh, I had to attend my cousin’s wedding and I couldn’t make it. What about Anil and Sunil? Were they present?

Monu – Yes, they were, but Arun wasn’t.

Raju – Oh, wasn’t Arun present?

Monu – No, he wasn’t. All except Arun and you were present.

Raju – Was Ram present, too?

Monu – Oh, yes, he was there and he was the one who read the minutes in the absence of the secretary.

Raju – I wonder why Arun was absent from the meeting!

Monu – Well, there comes a bus! Thanks once again. See you when I come back. Have a nice evening!

Raju – Bye!

How To Help Friend

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How To Help Friend

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