How To Improve Word Power Antonyms-Synonyms-2
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How To Improve your word power? This is the best way to enrich your Word Power Antonyms-Synonyms How To Improve Word Power Antonyms-Synonyms-2

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1. Auspicious पवित्र सौभाग्यशाली

Synonyms- fortunate, hopeful, favourable, successful, propitious, seasonable

Antonyms- inauspicious, despairing, hopeless, ill-fated, inopportune

2. Awake जागरूक, सचेत करना

Synonyms- attentive, alert, watchful, vigilant

Antonyms- dormant, latent, asleep, slumbering

3. Bankrupt दिवालिया

Synonyms- destitute, insolvent, penniless, ruined

Antonyms- prosperous, credit-worthy, rich

4. Bargain मोलभाव 

Synonyms- agreement, deal, transaction

Antonyms- payment, account, quittance

5. Beastly असभ्य रूप से

Synonyms- remorseless, merciless, pitiless, barbarous, savage, unrelenting

Antonyms- tender, benign, kind, compassionate, sympathetic, charitable, humane

6. Beg मांगना, प्रार्थना करना

Synonyms- beseech, crave, supplicate, appeal, ask, implore, entreat

Antonyms- challenge, demand, contend, insist, claim

7. Belief सिद्धांत, विश्वास

Synonyms- trust, creed, dogma, credence, conviction, faith, assurance, persuasion, doctrine

Antonyms- suspicion, misgiving distrust, disbelief

8. Beneath नीचे

Synonyms- below, under, underfoot

Antonyms- overhead, high, above

9. Beneficial फायदेमंद

Synonyms- useful, advantageous, salutary

Antonyms- harmful, wicked, wasteful

10. Benefit फायदा

Synonyms- advantage, gain, profit

Antonyms- evil, disadvantage, loss

How To Improve Word Power Antonyms-Synonyms-2

11. Benevolence दयालुता

Synonyms- kindliness, humanity, bounty, pity

Antonyms- venom, enmity, hate, malice

12. Beseech प्रार्थना करना

Synonyms- appeal, implore, ask, entreat, crave, supplicate

Antonyms- claim, demand, insist, contend, challenge

13. Between दो के बीच में

Synonyms- amid, betwixt, amidst

Antonyms- outside

14. Bewilder उलझन में डालना, भुलाना

Synonyms- baffle, perplex, confound

Antonyms- enlighten, edify, illuminate

15. Bind जोड़ना, बांधना

Synonyms- wrap, fetter, restrict connect, fasten, curb, restrain, bandage

Antonyms- undo, disconnect, discharge, lock, detach, liberate, emancipate

16. Blend मिलाना

Synonyms- merge, mingle, mix, fuse, amalgamate

Antonyms- sever, discerning, instructed, informed, educated

17. Blessing आशीर्वाद

Synonyms- praise, good wishes, consecration

Antonyms- curse, evil thoughts, bad wishes

18. Blind अंधा

Synonyms- sightless, ignorant, unseeing, uninformed, unenlightened, eyeless,

Antonyms- seeing, discerning, instructed, informed, educated

19. Bliss परम सुख, समृद्धि

Synonyms- geity, prosperity, enjoyment, delight, welfare, felicity, joy

Antonyms- sorrow, sadness, woe, grief, distress, affliction

20. Boyish बचकाना

Synonyms- childish, juvenile, puerile

Antonyms- elderly, aged, antiquated

How To Improve Word Power Antonyms-Synonyms-2

21. Brace सहारा देना

Synonyms- reinforce, propup, support

Antonyms- raze, knock, degenerate

22. Breadth चौड़ाई

Synonyms- bore, expanse, bulk, size, width, broadness, extent

Antonyms- smallness, length, narrowness, undergrowth, tightness

23. Breed पैदा करना

Synonyms- conceive, hatch, produce, originate, biget, raise, generate, incubate, train, rear, bring up

Antonyms- annihilate, slay, destroy, kill, murder

24. Breeze हवा का झोंका

Synonyms- tempest, squall, gale, wind, gust, storm, hurricane, typhoon, zephyr, blast

Antonyms- calm, placidity, doldrums, lull

25. Brevity संक्षिप्तता

Synonyms- briefness, shortness, conciseness

Antonyms- loquacity, confusedness

26. Brusque असभ्य

Synonyms- abrupt, curt, gruff

Antonyms- polite, polished, courteous

27. Brutal क्रूर, दुष्ट

Synonyms- merciless, remorseless, cruel, barbarous, unrelenting savage, pitiless, inhuman

Antonyms- humane, kind, compassionate, merciful, sympathetic, tender, benign, charitable

28. Bustle शोर शराबा

Synonyms- flurry, ado, stir, rustle, fluster

Antonyms- lull, inaction, dawdling, fatigue

29. Cajole बेहलाना-फुसलाना, धोखा देना

Synonyms- flatter, beguile, blandish, wheedle,coax, inveigle

Antonyms- damp, cool, dissuade, flout

30. Calamity संकट, दु:ख

Synonyms- misery, disaster, distress, affliction, misfortune, catastrophe

Antonyms- joy, fortune, tranquility, prosperity, peace, happiness

31. Callback वापस बुलाना, निरस्त करना

Synonyms- nullify, abrogate, withdraw, revocate, repeal, recant, annul, revoke, recall, rescind, retract

Antonyms- corroborate, endorse, confirm, substantiate

How To Improve Word Power Antonyms-Synonyms-2

32. Caress प्यार से गले मिलना

Synonyms- fondle, pet, embrace, hug, kiss, stroke

Antonyms- provoke, annoy, torment, vex, molest

33. Cast down निराश होना

Synonyms- crestfallen, sad, doleful, melancholy, dispirited, dispodent, gloomy, dejected

Antonyms- blithesome, lively, happy, mirthful, gay, cheery, jolly, joyful

34. Cause कारण बनना

Synonyms- create, produce, evoke, effect, originate, induce

Antonyms- demolish, kill desolate, annihilate, raze, ruin, slay, devastate

35. Caution सावधानी

Synonyms- carefulness, vigilance, discretion, forethought, wariness

Antonyms- recklessness, rashness, imprudence, indiscretion, foolhardiness

36. Cease बंद करना, समाप्त करना

Synonyms- pause, terminate, stop, end, abstain, finish, leave off

Antonyms- originate, begin, commence, start, institute, inaugurate, evoke

37. Celibacy ब्रह्मचर्य का पालन करना

Synonyms- single, blessedness, chastity, maidenhood, virginity, bachelorhood

Antonyms- matrimony, engagement, wedlock, nuptial-tie

38. Chaos उलझन, परेशानी

Synonyms- void, abyss, jumble, confusion

Antonyms- government, order, organisation

39. Chaste पवित्र

Synonyms- incorrupt, virtuous, immaculate, undefiled, uncontaminated, spotless

Antonyms- soiled, immoral, debased, tainted, corrupt, polluted, reprobate, depraved

40. Charity दयालुता, दान 

Synonyms- benevolence, generosity, benignity, beneficence, philanthropy, munificence

Antonyms- meanness, selfishness, illiberality, greediness

How To Improve Word Power Antonyms-Synonyms-2

41. Choke रुकना

Synonyms- suffocate, stifle, smother, throttle, strangle

Antonyms- air, freshen, ventilate, oxygenate

42. Civilize सभ्य बनाना

Synonyms- improve, educate, cultivate, refine, polish, humanize

Antonyms- deteriorate, degrade, debase

43. Class वर्ग या कक्षा

Synonyms- rank, group, distribute, arrange, classify, dispose

Antonyms- disorder, upset, displace, disarrange, derange, confuse

44. Cling झुकाव होना

Synonyms- stick, adhere, clasp, hug, hold, attack, embrace, cleave together

Antonyms- relinquish, cede, forego, surrender, give up, resign

45. Clumsy अप्रवीण

Synonyms- rough, unskillful, uncouth, bungling, maladroit, awkward, ponderous

Antonyms- clever, dexterous, skillful

46. Coarse रूखा, भद्दा

Synonyms- rude, rugged, unpolished, indelicate, indecent, rough, unrefined, gross, crude

Antonyms- polite, elegant, cultured, cultivated, civilized, polished, courtly, refined, civil, genteel

47. Coherence जुड़ना, जुड़ाव

Synonyms- gelatine, soldering, sticking, slush, adherence

Antonyms- oasis, isolation, rupture

48. Combat मुठभेड़

Synonyms- struggle, engagement, conflict, brawl, broil, fray, affray

Antonyms- harmony, amity, peace, agreement, concord

49. Comparison तुलना

Synonyms- simile, similitude, illustration

Antonyms- contrast, contrariety, difference

50. Compassion प्रेम, कृपा

Synonyms- condolence, kindness, sympathy, mercy, tenderness, commiseration

Antonyms- barbarity, malignity, cruelty, savagery

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