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1. Abandon त्याग देना, छोड़ देना

Synonyms- surrender, quit, discontinue give up, forsake

Antonyms- carry on, remain, continue, pursue

2. Abolish नष्ट कर देना, हटा देना

Synonyms- eradicate, destroy, expunge, extirpate, annihilate, abrogate

Antonyms- uphold, abet, support, promote, aid, forward, encourage

3. Abnormal असामान्य 

Synonyms- irregular, unnatural, anomalous, peculiar, unusual, eccentric 

Antonyms- regular, normal, natural, ordinary, usual, methodical 

4. Absolute पूर्ण, उचित

Synonyms- complete, unlimited, entire, unrestricted, unmixed, unconditional, pure, perfect

Antonyms- limited, restricted, conditional, mixed, provisional, hypothetical

5. Abound भरपूर, ढेर

Synonyms- plentiful, Swarm, teem

Antonyms- lack, scarce, want

6. Absorb सोखना, नष्ट करना

Synonyms- destroy, assimilate, exhaust, waste, spend, squander, devour

Antonyms- hoard, preserve, save, reserve

7. Absolve माफ करना

Synonyms- discharge, exonerate, acquit, pardon, excuse

Antonyms- panelize, castigate, punish, chastise

8. Absurd अतार्किक, मूर्खतापूर्ण

Synonyms- unreasonable, stupid, ridiculous, irrational, non-sensible, senseless, foolish, asinine, silly

Antonyms- sane, wise, reasonable, equitable, proper, sound, rational, sensible

9. Abstain बचना, रोकना

Synonyms- refrain, forbear, desist withhold

Antonyms- offer, pursue, persist, adopt

10. Abundance भरपूर, अधिकता

Synonyms- plentitude, overflow, exuberance, profusion

Antonyms- lack, shortage, dearth, want, scarcity

11. Abuse गाली देना

Synonyms- malign, defame, asperse, slander, traduce, disparage, vilify, revile, vituperate, upbraid, calumniate

Antonyms- Glorify, exalt, applaud, extol, praise, laud, eulogize, panegyrize

12. Accumulate इकट्ठा करना

Synonyms- gather, hoard, convene, store, assemble, congregate, convoke, pile, muster, collate, rally, amass

Antonyms- spread, scatter, distribute, sprinkle, disperse, dissipate, broadcast, strew

13. Achieve प्राप्त करना

Synonyms- fulfil, accomplish, perform, attain, acquire, execute

Antonyms- fail, miss, miscarry

14. Achievement उपलब्धि

Synonyms- performance, exploit, accomplishment, feat, attainment

Antonyms- failure, ruin, collapse, fiasco, breakdown, abortion

15. Acquit मुक्त करना

Synonyms- liberate, pardon, release, absolve

Antonyms- accuse, involve, blame, charge

16. Adapt अनुकूल होना, बदलना

Synonyms- regulate, fit, conform, suit

Antonyms- misfit, disagree, regularize, differ

How To Improve Word Power

17. Admiration प्रशंसा

Synonyms- love, regard, respect, praise

Antonyms- hate, disapproval, condemnation

18. Adulterate मिलावट करना

Synonyms- alloy, deteriorate, contaminate, debase, corrupt, vitiate, mix

Antonyms- elevate, amend, improve, advance, better, ameliorate

19. Advance आगे बढ़ना

Synonyms- further, progress, proceed

Antonyms- regress, go backward, bend, recede, 

20. Adversity प्रतिकूलता

Synonyms- misery, affliction, poverty, misfortune

Antonyms- luck, prosperity, fortune, happiness

21. Advise सलाह देना

Synonyms- counsel, admonish, recommend

Antonyms- restrain, deter, dissuade, hinder

22. Affection प्रेम, दयालुता

Synonyms- endearment, kindness, devotion, partiality, attachment, tenderness

Antonyms- coolness, apathy, dislike, indifference, hate, negligence, unconcern

23. Affirm घोषित करना, स्वीकार

Synonyms- confirm, allege, swear, declare, protest, maintain, assert, aver, asseverate, dorse, say, state

Antonyms- disavow, disown, dispute,deny, disclaim

How To Improve Word Power

24. Agent प्रतिनिधि, दलाल

Synonyms- representative, deputy, proxy, substitute, middle-man, delegate

Antonyms- rival, antagonist, poser, opponent, competitor

25. Agree सहमत होना

Synonyms-  coincide, conform, tally, concur, comply, consent

Antonyms- refuse, disagree, dissent, dispute, diverge, vary, deviate, differ

26. Aid सहायता करना, सहायता

Synonyms- befriend, assist, succour, support, contribute, relief, help

Antonyms- deter, impede, oppose, hindrance, retard, check, obstruct

27. Alarm सचेत करना

Synonyms- startle, appeal, intimidate, terrify, frighten

Antonyms- alleviate, appease, compose, quieten, still, assuage,

28. Allay हल्का करना

Synonyms- lighten, abate, assuage, palliate

Antonyms- heighten, aggravate, worsen, enhance

29. Alliance समझौता, संधि

Synonyms- compact, union, confederation, coalition

Antonyms- separation, disjunction, disunion

30. Allure लुभाना

Synonyms- entice, invite, endear, fascinate

Antonyms- rebuff, deter, repulse, check, repel

How To Improve Word Power

31. Ally साथी, मित्र

Synonyms- friend, colleague, operator, helper, agent, assistant, abettor, companion, accomplice, associate, partner, confederate, accessory

Antonyms- competitor, opponent, enemy, rival, opposite, antagonist, foe

32. Ample पर्याप्त

Synonyms- extensive, sufficient, plentiful, lavish, abundant, capacious, unrestricted, commodious

Antonyms- scanty, limited, narrow, insufficient, meager, niggardly, skimpy 

33. Amuse प्रसन्न करना

Synonyms- divert, cheer, enliven, gratify, gladden

Antonyms- vex, fatigue, tire, annoy, bore

34. Analogy समानता

Synonyms- similarity, resemblance, likeness, parity, similitude, affinity

Antonyms- disproportion, disharmony, difference

35. Angel देवदूत

Synonyms- cherub, celestial being, seraph

Antonyms- devil, satan, demon

36. Annihilate हतोत्साहित करना, दबाना

Synonyms- cancel, annul, repeal, suppress

Antonyms- encourage, confirm, testify, support

37. Annoy परेशान करना

Synonyms- harass, pester, badger, format, trouble, bother, vex, molest, worry, disturb, tantalize, irritate, enrage, chafe

Antonyms- delight, oblige, gratify, please, gladden, charm

38. Antagonism दुश्मनी 

Synonyms- hostility, conflict, animosity, opposition, discord, enmity, disharmony, dissonance, contrariety

Antonyms- amity, harmony, friendship, friendliness, cordiality, amicableness

How To Improve Word Power

39. Anxiety चिंता, परेशानी

Synonyms- solicitude, concern, worry, apprehension, foreboding, misgiving, uneasiness

Antonyms- ease, relief, peace, tranquility, quiet, contentment, quietude

40. Anxious उत्सुक

Synonyms- solicitous, earnest, apprehensive

Antonyms- unmindful, negligent, heedless

41. Apparent प्रत्यक्ष, स्पष्ट

Synonyms- visible, manifest, evident, palpable, perceptible, patent, distinct, discernible

Antonyms- latent, covered, obscure, secret, hidden, masked, recondite, covert, veiled

42. Appeal निवेदन करना

Synonyms- call upon, supplicate, entreat, implore, invoke, request, beseech, petition

Antonyms- demand, insist, challenge, claim

43. Approve मान्यता देना

Synonyms- consent, confirm, uphold, ratify, support, endorse, sanction

Antonyms- admonish, correct, condemn, censure, reprieve

44. Ascent ऊपर चढ़ना

Synonyms- proceed, progress, further

Antonyms- recede, go backward, regress

45. Assemble एकत्र करना

Synonyms- amass, store, convoke, congregate, muster, pile, accumulate


46. Assent प्राप्त करना, मानना

Synonyms- acquiesce, concur, comply, yield, consent, subscribe, accede

Antonyms- refuse dissent, differ, disagree, disapprove

How To Improve Word Power

47. Astonish चकित हो जाना या करना

Synonyms- amaze, startle, confound

Antonyms- caution, forewarn, warn

48. Atrocious भयानक, घृणास्पद

Synonyms- monstrous, vile, flagrant, heinous, nefarious, glaring, horrible

Antonyms- noble, praiseworthy, laudable, excellent, commendable, worthy

49. Attach जोड़ना

Synonyms- link, unite, combine, conjoin

Antonyms- sever, detach, cut apart, divide

50. Attack हमला करना

Synonyms- encounter, invade, violate, assail, assault, storm, oppugn, impugn

Antonyms- shield, defend, guard protect, shelter, harbour, ward

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