17. How to Increase Patience? ( How to Increase Patience )

What is patience?

You must have heard this saying – Rome was not built in a day. This means that Rome was not built in 1 day. 

Meaning no work gets done overnight. You are determined to touch the pinnacle of success. You have made a firm decision that now I will be successful. Then you have made a smart goal and you are taking action to get your goal. You are also taking that action with Focus, with Concentration, but even after having all these, you will not get success till you do not work continuously with patience.

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Understand this with the help of some small examples. You have a magnifying glass and you are focusing it on a paper in bright sunlight. But if you do not do this action with patience for some time, then the paper will never catch fire. Similarly, if you want to harvest wheat, then you have to be patient for about 80 to 90 days even after doing the whole process before and after sowing the seeds. If you try to make the crop grow quickly by giving more water, sunlight, fertilizer, then you will be disappointed. 

If you plant a mango plant, it does not bear fruit before three to four years. If you try, that effort will be in vain. 

Many examples of this type can be given.


It is only meant to say that it takes a certain amount of time to build anything and attain perfection. We have to give that time. Whether you want it or not. No matter how quick you are, that time has to be given to him. That’s why we make our GOAL TIME BOUND. TIME BOUND itself means that we are giving it a fixed time. This means until that time we do not have to see the result.

In the same way, it takes at least 21 days to make any good habit. Now if you want it to become a habit without giving time, then it will not happen. It is said that if you want great success then you have to be very patient.

How to develop patience?

Why is patience necessary? 

Patience is necessary, we have understood from the above example. Now we have to consider that if patience is so important, then we should keep developing it. Because 95% of people are living an average life, then there is some special reason for it. 

Lack of patience is also one of those special reasons. To touch the pinnacle of success, those tasks which are necessary to be done, they have to be done, that is, if you have to spend a stipulated time, then it is better to use it knowingly.

All you have to do is to first find out how much time you give to a task now and then gradually increase the time little by little. Most people make the mistake of extending the time right away. That’s why after some time they stop working completely and leave it.

Just like you start going to the gym, you should already write that if I start going to the gym, then for the coming 6 months there will be no such change in my body which I will call the result. Now if you have gone to the gym with determination, then you have to exercise for 6 months without any result, then you will be able to do your exercise every day with a calm mind.

But it is often seen that people exercise for two-four days and at the most for a couple of months and then stop going to the gym, exercising due to lack of desired change in the body. Do not know how many promises are made in the new year that we will do this and this in this new year, but they are broken only in the coming 1 to 2 months i.e. as soon as January-February comes. Because we do not understand the importance of patience.

If you write in advance that I have to do this work for so long, even if the result is not visible. So you will see that after completing a stipulated time you will get the results. So friends, understand patience, use it. Before doing any work, write that we will spend so much time on it, only then we will expect the result.

How to Increase Patience

How to Increase Patience

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