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Determiners How To Learn Determiners

All determiners are adjectives but all adjectives are not determiners. 

first foremost

Many many a

older oldest

elder eldest

Farther farthest


many much

some any

few a few the few

little a little the little

another anyother  other

each every

several all whole

Less lesser fewer

First पहला 

foremost मुख्य important, main

Sachin Tendulkar was the foremost player of our Indian cricket team.

I stood first in the race.

Indira Gandhi was the foremost prime minister of India.

Indira Gandhi was the first lady prime minister of India.

Madam Curie was the first scientist who discovered the radium.

Many + PCN +PV

Many a + SCN + SV

Much – uncountable singular noun + singular verb

Many men were died in an accident.

Many a man was died in an accident.

Many girls were absent yesterday.

Many a girl was absent yesterday.

Many boys are coming to this hostel.

Many a boy is coming to this hostel.

There isn’t much cash left with us.

Not much is known about these legends.

We didn’t find much time for preparation.

We don’t have much cash.

He should not consume too much sugar in his diet.

elder eldest 

age comparison

real blood relations

only for living being

elder + to

older oldest 

age comparison

without blood relations

living and nonliving

older + than

My grandfather is the eldest member of my family.

This is the oldest technology.

English point is the oldest coaching of Ujjain.

Ram and Shyam are friends and Ram is older than Shyam.

Ram and Shyam are brothers and Ram is elder to Shyam.

How To Learn Determiners

Farther farthest – compare distance

Further – in addition to, extra

Delhi is farther from Jaipur than from Alwar.

This is the farthest place from the railway station.

Don’t make any further delay, we are already late.

Fewer – less in number

Less – less in quantity

lesser – least important 

Many lesser speakers also came to speak on the stage yesterday.

No fewer than 10 people were died in an accident. 

She had fewer chores. She also

had less energy.

Some and any

Positive/affirmative – Some

Offer, request, suggestion, advise – Some

Negative – any 

No, not, never, none, nobody, no one, nothing – Any

Denied, refused, doubt, too to, scarcely, rarely, barely, forbid – Any

Interrogative – Any 

If expected answer is Yes – Some

If expected answer is No – Any

There is some sugar in the bowl.

There isn’t any sugar in the bowl.

Is there any sugar in the bowl?

Is there some sugar in the bowl? I think there is.

Is there any sugar in the bowl? I don’t think so.

He denied that he had any involvement in the crime.

He is too tired to do any work.

He refused to go anywhere.

Teacher allows some talking in the class.

I doubt there is any sugar in the bowl.

Teacher forbids any talking in the class.

Would you take some coffee?

Why couldn’t you take some rest?

How To Learn Determiners

Latest – last upto now only

Last – अंतिम

This is the latest technology 

This is the latest fashion.

Lord Mountbatten was the last governor general of India.

At last the principal distributed the prices in the school function.

Late later latest

Late latter last 

They show order or sequence.

Latter – two persons/things. It shows/denotes the second one.

Later – minimum three, Three or more than three

Of gold and silver, the latter one is known as white metal.

Ram and Shyam are friends. Latter one is intelligent and curious.

Ram Shyam Geeta and Gayatri are siblings. Last one is very beautiful.

Later – this word is used for the time context. 

I will come later than Ram on Monday.

She came later than I./ Me.

How To Learn Determiners

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How To Learn Determiners

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