13. Gratitude (How To Learn Gratitude)

Life Story Of Nick Vujicic 

A Man With Attitude

Nick Vujicic who won the battle of life without arms and legs. Whenever problems or difficulties come in our life, most of us think why this is happening to me only. This thought gradually deepens. We start getting upset and this thinking makes our life a burden by creating great despair.

In such a situation, we need to believe in ourselves and face it with all our strength and keep doing this till we get victory over them. Most people think it is impossible. But believe me friends, nothing is impossible in life.

If still there is no faith, then let’s see the story of a person who learned not only to live his life as a celebration but also to become a source of inspiration for millions of people. Yes, I am talking about Nick Vujicic.

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Nick Vujicic’s Early Life 

On December 4, 1982, a child was born to a couple in Australia. Seeing him, his parents lost their senses. The doctors were also shocked. Because that child was healthy like other children, but he had neither both hands nor both legs. This child later became famous Nick Vujicic. Nick’s parents began to worry about what Nick’s life would be like.

What will be the future of a child without arms and legs? 

The early days of Nick’s childhood were very difficult. He started facing many difficulties in his life. Not only at school but also at home, Nick becomes disillusioned with disability and loneliness and plunges into darkness. Always used to think that I wish God would give him back his hands and feet. He was so frustrated with his disability that he even tried to commit suicide at the age of 10.

But then his mother read him an article. Hearing this article, Nick Vujicic’s outlook on life changed completely. This article appeared in a newspaper, the story of a disabled person’s battle with his disability and victory over it. Nick Vujicic realized that day that he was not the only person who was struggling.

Nick gradually understood that if he himself wanted, he could live life in a normal way. Then he gradually learned to write and type on the computer with the help of fingers protruding in place of the toe and some equipment. At the age of 17 he started lecturing in weekly prayer groups. And at the age of 21, he also graduated in Accounting Finance. Then he started his career as a motivational speaker.

Nick Vujicic Founded A Company-Attitude is Attitude

Nick started his own company called Attitude is Attitude. And gradually Nick Vujicic became recognized in the world as a motivational speaker whose life in itself is a miracle. He created and is actively running a non-profit organization named Life Without Limbs to give the message of inspiration and positivity.

It is helping the desperate and downtrodden people all over the world. Nick is not only a successful motivational speaker today but he does everything like a normal person would do. Despite having no hands and feet since birth, he plays golf and football. He doeso swimming. He also does skydiving and surfing. It is a remarkable achievement to see him doing it all.

But what’s even more impressive is that Nick Vujicic’s outlook on life expresses the potential for happiness and peace. Today he is teaching the world how to live life. Instead of being bound by material limitations, he has taken control of life and acquired the power that drives him to do creative work. He has also traveled to more than 50 countries with a message of hope and peace.

While most people get upset and frustrated over small things, people like Nick Vujicic proved every moment that nothing is impossible. Everything becomes easy when you try.

Nick says that everything given by life should be accepted with an open mind even if it is difficult situations because difficulties are the only steps on which we become successful and happy people in life. Give thanks for what we have, be grateful.

Nick has written 8 books so far and his book Life Without Limbs has been translated into 30 languages ​​of the world. At one time, he also held the Guinness World Record for most hugs in one hour.

How To Learn Gratitude

Nick Vujicic Motivational Quotes

If I fail, I will keep trying again and again. If you fail, will you try again?

If a miracle cannot happen to you, be a miracle yourself.

Human courage can handle worse than we think we can.

It’s a lie to think you’re not that good. It is a lie to think that you are of no use.

I encourage you to accept that you may not see a way right now, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

You have a choice in life, choose the better or choose the bitter. I want better why not and forget the bitter.

Challenges in our life are meant to strengthen our faith, they are not to give us tension.

Neither can we compare sufferings nor should we.

He created you to prove how true God’s love is.

There is a choice to be angry with God for what I don’t have or to be grateful to God for what I have.

In return for every handicap that you have, you have a far greater capacity to overcome the challenges.

You can’t even stand without taking the risk of falling.

How To Learn Gratitude

How To Learn Gratitude

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