18. Relations (How To Maintain Relations)

Why do we need relations?

If anything that has hurt a person the most in the world, is his relationship. But its reverse is equally true, that is, if anything that has helped a person so much, is his relationship. 

Look, man is a social animal. This means he wants to live in groups. Because being in the group is his desire as well as need. This is why we depend on our relationships. So where there is dependency, there is the possibility of suffering. That’s why a person tries to be self-sufficient in all respects.

Out of the 4 pillars of success, the most important pillar is relationships. By the way, till date no one has reached the summit alone, he needs some kind of relationship. Then be it parents, wife, children or friends. 

If one reaches the summit alone, what will he do there? 

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Because to enjoy success one must have someone. That is why loneliness is considered the most serious mental illness in the world.

If you look into your life so far, you will remember that the most beautiful, happiest moments of life are the ones you have spent with your special ones, near ones, dear ones and so on. It will remain so. Health, wealth, fame, everything is there and if someone is not with you then all are useless.

If God grants you a boon that you have all the riches of the world, diamonds and jewels, you live in a palace, you have a garden, but you don’t have just one thing, you don’t have a single person to talk to. 

Would you like to have such a boon? 

I don’t think any of us would want that.

You must have heard the story of King Midas. He was very fond of collecting gold, had a passion. Once Midas was given a boon by a saint that whatever he touches will turn into gold. He was very happy. He immediately touched whatever was in his palace and turned it into gold.

After a while Midas got hungry and as soon as he picked an apple to eat, it turned into gold. As soon as he picked up the second apple, it also turned into gold. Now he started getting upset.

Same time his young daughter came running to him. And he lovingly took her in his arms. 

But what’s this? His daughter also turned into gold. 

Now Midas started crying, started apologizing. And went to the same saint and started pleading that my daughter should be returned. The saint withdrew his boon.

Since then, Midas had started working for the welfare of the people. And gave up his hobby of collecting gold.

Some relationships are very important in our life. 

Because these are the people who accept you when the whole world rejects you. 

When everyone is standing in front of you, they will stand with you. 

When no one trusts you, these people trust you. 

The whole world may hate you but these people still love you. 

Appreciate them. It is necessary.

No matter how much we may suffer, but when they tell us that it doesn’t matter, we are with you, then our strength comes back. Whenever there is bitterness in the relationship, remember the points given below.

1. How much do you appreciate the other person? 

Respect them now while they are alive, that respect is of no use after they die.

2. After doing something for your loved one, there is no need to recite it, there is no need to count. Because everyone wants honey but no one wants a bee. Because bees sting.

3. People are happy to see you or are happy when you are gone.

4. If you start following the above mentioned things, then very soon your relationship will become better, which will act as a foundation stone in our success.

How To Maintain Relations

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