7. The World’s Most Precious Thing – Time (How To Manage Time)

How To Use Time Efficiently

What is the most valuable thing in this world? 


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Today we will talk about the most valuable thing in the world. Whatever your answer is, all the successful people in the world have said it and I also consider that the most valuable thing in this world is time.

1. Time

Why it is said, Time is money, Time is very precious, Time is gold, We should not waste it. And don’t know what? 

Means many valuable things have been compared with time. But still time is the only thing that cannot be brought back. 

That’s why time is the most valuable thing. So friends, value your time. Because you can achieve anything, if you have time.

You have everything and if you don’t have time then everything is useless. 

Whether you are a student or doing a job, a businessman or a career starter, it is important for all of them to understand that the coming 10 to 15 years of your life are going to give a lot of benefits for growth and professional life.

If you have not used the time now, then you will also have to repeat the same sentence, which most people say after passing the time, that if I had used the time, I would have been able to do something better or do something different. 

We are diving into the ocean of opportunities. Never before were there so many opportunities available today. So don’t bind yourself to a limited syllabus. Take the time to do something extra.

Learn something different that will make you stand out from the crowd. 

Learn something that will make your life meaningful, whatever it may be. 

Be it a sport, be it reading, swimming or adventures, Starting A New Business. By doing something, you start enjoying your life in the right way.

So from today onwards, Value Your Time from now on, respect your time. Use the time to increase your abilities. Do not postpone what can be done right now. 

It’s Now or Never. Like you download an app, use it and when it asks to give a rating, then in the option you choose Later. Means later, which never comes later.

If you have to give a rating then go free by giving it for the first time itself. Similarly, you also have some important tasks which you leave by giving a later option and then the time to do them runs out.

How To Manage Time

2. Time Management 

Now if we have understood that time is the most valuable thing in this world and we should use it, then it is very important to learn time management. Because in this life work is more and time is less.

That’s why we can’t do all the work even if we want to. So why not start doing more important work by learning Time Management. 

Most of us wake up late in the morning, not because they were working till late at night, but because they were running Facebook or Whatsapp or wasting time in any useless activities. 

Often these people also complain that they do not get time for any other work. And they are very busy all day long.

We all have 24 hours. Meaning you have 24 hours every day, to do some good or useful work. Regrettably, most people waste these 24 hours in sleeping, watching TV, or gossiping, and then complain that they do not get time. We need to learn how to use these 24 hours.

This is called managing time. Most successful people wake up early in the morning to do more work than the rest of the world. The secret of their success is not that they have any special talent, but that they spend their time on useful works.

How To Manage Time

3. Life is for living Life is to Live

Life is given for living, not for doing a job. Before doing any job or business, you must think once with a cool mind that what kind of life will this job or this business give you? Will this job give you the life you want to live?

According to the Harvard Business Review, it is not whether people are getting jobs or not, it is whether people are satisfied with their jobs or not. 

Most of us work hard for years, to achieve our dream job and when we get this job, we hate going to the job. That’s why most of us keep waiting for the holiday, because we are not happy with our job, we go to work under compulsion, just to earn money. 

The job should be such that you enjoy going for it. I have not come to this earth to work.

“I have come to this earth to enjoy. I don’t want to die in the office while working. I want to die on a beach while enjoying myself.” Said by Founder of Alibaba Jack Ma.

Enjoy friends, not just do boring job. So friends, you should learn these three lessons as soon as possible. Because life is for living, not for cutting. If you like the blog, please like it. If you want to benefit friends, then share them on WhatsApp or Facebook. Write a comment. 

Thank you so much for reading the blog.

How To Manage Time

How To Manage Time

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