85. How To Take Right Decision (How To Take Decision)

You all know the importance of time. If we make the right decision at the right time then it becomes very easy to achieve success in life. 

But most of the people are not able to make decisions at the right time because they are confused about what to do and what not to do. 

That is, they see so many options that they are not able to choose in time what they want? 

If you are also not able to make a decision or are getting confused in making a decision, then try to solve the problem through this story.

A small child had gone for a walk with his father to a mall. When they were passing through the toy area, he found a toy car there. He liked it very much. 

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Now he started asking his father to get me this toy car. The child’s father loved him very much so he said yes. And the child took that car with him.

But as soon as they moved a little further, the child saw a remote-operated helicopter. 

On seeing it, the child told his father that I want this helicopter. Father told him that whatever you want to take, take it soon because we have less time. The mall is going to close shortly. 

The child put the car there and took the remote helicopter. After going a little further, the child saw a video game and told his father that I want this video game.

The father explained to the child that whatever you want to take, take it soon or else the mall will be closed. But before that child could take anything, the lights of the mall started going off. There was an announcement that the mall is closed, whoever is inside, get out quickly. 

Poor child could not take any toy because of not making a decision at the right time.

Do you want to be called poor like that little kid? 

Are you also behaving like that little kid? 

Because most people’s lives go on like that little kid. Various things are kept in this mall of the world and we always want this, sometimes we want that? 

In this, we keep on wasting our time and do not decide by focusing on any one thing. When we don’t make decisions, we can’t even work on one thing and that’s why we always remain dissatisfied with life.

And in the end we are left empty handed.

If we do not make a decision at the right time, then our condition will also be like that child. If we don’t decide

What should we do in education?

Why do we have to?

What kind of job should we do?

So you can understand what will happen to us. 

We are afraid to take any decision because our decision may go wrong. But remember friends not taking any decision at all is worse than taking the wrong decision. 

This is what happens in most people’s lives. They do not fail due to lack of opportunity. They fail because of not taking decisions at the right time. It is said that when you wake up, it’s morning, but friends remember that in reality the morning is at its own time. And the one who starts first will have more chances of getting more. 

So friends remember, take a decision at the right time. And get involved in making the right decision.

My dear friend,

Live your life consciously.

Take decisions at the right time.

And do hard work to prove your decisions.

How To Take Decision

How To Take Decision

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