52. Take Risk (How To Take Risk)

Are you a monkey too? 

Life is like a 10 geared bicycle. Alas, most people don’t know how to use them. If you have driven any geared vehicle, then you know that we have to increase the number of gears to drive faster. 

Now what would you say about a person who wants to go fast but does not want to change gears.

There are many reasons to fail, of which number one is to avoid taking risks. If you want to be successful, you have to take risks. Some people take risks irresponsibly and blame luck on failures like climbing a mountain. 

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If you climb a mountain without training, you know it’s a foolish risk to take. Of course, the danger is still there if you train and climb a mountain, but this training will greatly increase your chances of winning.

A man who does not take risk never makes a mistake, but not trying is a bigger mistake than trying and failing. 

Like, a ship is safe on the shore but the ship is not built to stand on the shore. That’s how God made you to do some adventurous things. To do something that will not only benefit your life but also the lives of others.

Once someone asked a farmer, have you sown wheat crop in this season? The farmer answered. I suspected it would not rain. 

The man asked again, have you sowed the corn crop?

The farmer answered. I was afraid that it would be eaten by insects. 

Then the man got annoyed and asked, after all what have you sowed? 

The farmer replied nothing. I didn’t want to take any risk. 

Now tell me, what would you say to such a person who does not want to take any action. 

Not taking risks is called living in a comfort zone in other words. If you do not want to come out of your comfort zone, then give up the desire for progress.

Are you not doing the same way as a monkey behaves? 

Monkey catchers in India use a box, which has a hole in the top. The box is full of peanuts. Monkey puts his hand in that box to eat peanuts.

His hand easily goes into the box but when the monkey lifts the peanut and clenches his fist, after that the monkey could not take his hand out of the box. Because the hole through which the monkey’s open hand goes in is not so big that the fist could come out. 

Now the monkey has the option either leave the peanuts and get free or get caught in the pursuit of getting them.

You thought right. The monkey also behaves like a person living in the comfort zone and is caught. A person living in the comfort zone, a person who does not take risks, clings to the obstacles in life. 

He does not try to overcome those obstacles and keeps on making excuses again and again. 

Successful people don’t make excuses. They think, gather information, train themselves,  take risks and succeed. 

If You Want to Fail, Do These Three Things

Don’t think.

Don’t ask anyone.

And don’t listen to.

But I know you want to be successful, then what is the delay? Start working on the above mentioned things. Meaning think, ask, listen and then get started. 

Still, if there is any tension in life, then call me immediately.

How To Take Risk

How To Take Risk

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