11. At the bank How To Talk In Bank

Counter Clerk : Good morning, can I help you?

Customer : Good morning. Yes, I would like to open an account.

Counter Clerk : Could you please come inside and talk to our Assistant Manager?

Customer : I’ll do so.

A. Manager : Good morning. What can I do for you? Please sit down.

Customer : Good morning. Could you please help me to open an account? I’m Vasu Joshi.

A. Manager : Oh, yes, with pleasure. Glad to meet you

Mr. Joshi. I’m Rohan.  (They shake hands) What kind of account do you like to open, Mr. Joshi?

Customer : A Savings Bank Account.

A. Manager : Since you are not known to us, we would like somebody to introduce you to us. Is there anyone around who knows you?

Joshi : I’m afraid nobody in the bank knows me. (Looks around) Is it enough if one of your customers introduces me to you?

A. Manager : Oh, yes, certainly. We can’t expect our customers to know our staff.

Joshi : In that case, the gentleman at the counter over there, the owner of Tilak Transport is a close friend of mine. I can ask him to introduce me to you.

A. Manager : Yes. He’s been our customer for quite a long time. I shall ask him to come in for a moment. By the way, do you like to open a joint account or an account in your single name?

Customer : I would like a joint account with my wife. Please also make it either or survivor so that either of us can operate the account.

A. Manager : Is your wife with you in the bank ?

Customer : Yes, she’s there sitting outside the counter.

A. Manager : Do you like to have cheque facilities ? If you do, you have to deposit a minimum of Rs. 3000 and maintain that minimum amount in your account.

Customer : Yes, yes, I know that.

A. Manager : (Gestures to the gentleman at the counter to come in). Hello, good morning, Mr, Raju.

Customer : Good morning, Mr. Rahu.

Mr. Raju : Good morning, gentlemen.

A. Manager : Mr. Joshi wants to open an account with us. Since you know him well, could you please sign this form for him? We want somebody to introduce him to us. It’s only a formality.

Mr Raju : I’m only happy to do that. (Signs the form) I hope Mr. Joshi has introduced himself to you. He has been transferred to Ujjain only recently. Is there anything else you want me to do?

Joshi : Thanks, Mr. Raju.

Raju : You are welcome. Where do you live?

Joshi : I live near my office. (Mr. Raju leaves.)

A. Manager : Please fill in these forms in duplicate and sign in these places. You can call your wife in so that she can also sign in these places.

Joshi : How many specimen signatures do you need?

A. Manager : Three each. How much money do you like to deposit?

Joshi : Ten thousand rupees.

A. Manager : You can pay me the money. I’ll send it to the counter. (The money is paid) Here is your S.B. A/c book and the cheque book.

Joshi : Thanks. Good day.

A. Manager : You are always welcome. Good day.

How To Talk In Bank

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How To Talk In Bank

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