32. Behavior / Intention (How To Understand Behavior)

Whenever we deal with someone or make a decision after seeing any event happening, then one thing must be kept in mind: what is the intention behind that incident or behind someone’s behavior? That is, what is his motive?

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  • If we can carefully understand the motive or understand the intention of the other person, then we will see that that behavior is only for our good i.e. when we feel harshness from someone’s behavior or when we see other’s behavior towards someone else. If we feel harshness, then we immediately decide whether that person is bad or doing wrong but on looking carefully or understanding the motive, we will come to know that his behavior is for the good of us or the other person. 

    To understand this, let’s see a story.

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    A female giraffe is giving birth to her young in a forest. Everyone was watching the scene with great interest. The female giraffe was very tall. While taking birth, the child fell on the ground from a height of about 10 feet. As he fell, he turned his feet inward, as if he was still in his mother’s womb.

    After this the mother bowed her head and started looking at the child. Everyone was watching all this with great eagerness and suddenly something unexpected happened. The mother kicked the child and the child overturned. How To Understand Behavior

    Everyone started saying that the mother should not kill the child. The child was still lying on the ground when once again the mother kicked him hard. This time the child stood up and started walking staggeredly. Slowly the mother and child disappeared into the bushes.

    As soon as they left everyone wanted to know why the mother giraffe kicked her child. If something happens to the child. Then he was informed by the instructor that there are many wild animals like lion cheetahs in the forest.

    Here the life of a child depends on how soon he learns to walk on his feet. Had his mother kept him lying like this and didn’t kick him, he might still have been lying there. And some wild animal would make him its prey.

    Similarly in our human life also parents scold their children many times. At that time it all felt very bad, but when we look back later, we realize that due to the scolding of mother and father, you have become something in life.

    Therefore, never take the harshness of your elders to heart, rather think about their intention to do good to you behind it.

    How To Understand Behavior

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