79. How To Understand Mindset

Two Great Success Tips- belief and consistency How To Understand Mindset

It is a matter of ancient times. There lived a skilled dancer in a village. The people of that village believed that whenever he danced, it rained. So whenever the people of the village needed rain, they used to go to him and request him to dance. He danced so skillfully that it rained and all the villagers were very happy. How To Understand Mindset

Gradually these words started spreading to other villages also. Some people from another village came to that village to find out and they also found it to be true. Then some more educated people came to know about this and two of them came to that village to find out whether it is true or not.

They were so proud of their studies so they told the villagers that it was all pretense and superstition. They challenged the villagers that when we dance it will rain and if it does not rain then even the dance of that dancer will not get rain.

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The next morning all the people gathered in front of the dancer’s house and both of them also came. The dancer was also informed about this challenge.

Then both of them started dancing. Even after an hour passed, no change was seen. Then one person got tired and sat down.

By the end of the second hour, the other person also got tired and sat down. But it didn’t rain.

Now it was the turn of the skilled dancer. He started dancing. An hour passed but it did not rain. But he kept on dancing. It didn’t rain even after 3 hours. But the dancer was a dancer, he was not taking the name of stopping. Slowly the evening began to fall, when the clouds roared heavily and it started raining heavily. Everyone was stunned.

Both of those persons apologized to the dancer and wanted to know from him that what is it that it did not rain due to our dance but it did rain due to your dance?

Then the dancer told them that when I dance, I keep something in my mind. 

Firstly, when I start dancing, I have a deep belief in my heart that it will rain and secondly I keep in mind that I will not stop until it rains. Meaning it will either rain or I will keep on dancing.

You can see these two qualities common in all the people who have been successful till date, that whenever they start doing something, they have a deep belief in their mind that it can be done and it will be so. 

Secondly, after starting work, they stop only when success comes to them. If you also want to touch the pinnacle of success in life, then you should keep these things in mind. 

The first is a deep belief in your goal that it can be done. 

Second, I will not stop until I am successful.

How To Understand Mindset

How To Understand Mindset

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