81. Grit (How To Use Grit)

The meaning of Grit is courage; determination that makes it possible for somebody to continue doing something difficult or unpleasant.

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If a person thinks instead of worrying and tries to solve his problem carefully, then he can get inspiration from anywhere. Today’s story is of one such retarded child, who grew up and surprised everyone by his practice.

It is a matter of ancient times. In a school there was a boy who was called retarded by all. The reason was that he used to take time to understand and still could not give proper results.

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His teachers were also angry with him, because he was very weak in studies and his level of intelligence was below average. His performance in exams was always poor. That’s why the kids used to make fun of him.

Gradually going to school had become like a punishment for him. As soon as he entered the class, the children started laughing at him. Some called him a fool, some called him the king of oxen. Even some teachers were not deterred from making fun of him.

Being troubled by all this, he stopped going to school. Now he was wandering here and there all day long and wasting his time. Similarly one day he was walking. He felt thirsty while roaming around and he started searching for water.

He saw a well in the distance where a man was drawing water. He asked the man for water and quenched his thirst.

The man asked him, you don’t live here, who are you and why are you roaming here?

The boy said that I am very retarded and everyone in school makes fun of me. That’s why I’ve run away from school and will never go back to school. Because I can’t learn anything.

Then the person drawing the water told him to just look at this stone. We fill water on this stone every day.

This soft rope is rubbed on this hard stone daily and see how deep this soft rope has made a mark on it. When this soft rope can make a mark on this hard stone, then why can’t you learn anything. If you practice more with your heart, with faith, then you too can learn all this.

This thing made a place in the mind of that child. He instilled faith in his mind and got an opportunity to channelize his energy in the right direction.

Then he came to school again and started studying diligently. Even though others were laughing at him, he focused only on his studies.

Seeing his dedication and tireless work, the teachers also started supporting him and after a few years this student became famous as the great scholar Varadraj, who composed texts like Mugdha Bodh and Laghusiddhanta Kaumudi in Sanskrit.

The point of this true short story is just that if we want to overcome our weakness, we need hard work and patience. We need a time limit to achieve our goal. If we are constantly dedicated towards our goal and keep working tirelessly, then all the people will help us and we will definitely prove successful like the great scholar Varadraj.

How To Use Grit

How To Use Grit

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