1. Some do’s & don’ts – How To Use Must…………….How To Use Must
  2. How to use must?
  3. We must help the poor.
  4. You must study hard.
  5. You must earn money.
  6. Children must respect their elders.
  7. Elders must love children.
  8. Students must attend the class.
  9. They must know their limit.
  10. Everyone must do his duty.
  11. We must grow trees.
  12. Every citizen must follow traffic rules.
  13. We must keep our surroundings clean.
  14. The police must arrest the criminals.
  15. We must eat healthy food.
  16. We must exercise daily.
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  1. You must pray to God.
  2. You must learn English.
  3. We must drink the proper amount of water.
  4. We must read self-help books.
  5. We must watch motivational movies.
  6. We must conserve the forest.
  7. We must protect animals.
  8. We must go for morning walk.
  9. We must work hard.
  10. Children must take care of their parents.
  11. Parents must look after their kids.
  12. She must keep her words.
  13. You must believe in yourself.
  14. We must see big dreams.
  15. We must have a smart goal.
  16. We must chase our dreams.
  17. You must try to live your dream life.
  18. We must read autobiographies of successful people.
  19. You must apologize for your mistake.
  20. You must use technology.
  21. We must serve our parents.
  22. We must use our time efficiently. How To Use Must
  23. You must learn how to talk effectively.
  24. You must speak good words.
  25. You must understand other’s problem.
  26. You must come on time.
  27. We must have values.
  28. We must visit new places.
  29. We must travel twice in a year.
  30. You must complete your homework on time.
  31. She must enjoy with her friends.
  32. We must bath every day.
  33. We should wear clean clothes.
  34. We must listen to news.
  35. Students must play outdoor games.
  36. Everyone must save water and energy.
  37. You must have faith in God.
  38. You must do meditation.
  39. We must have good habits.
  40. You must watch my videos.
  41. You must write comments.
  42. We must know how to swim.
  43. You must not tease animals.
  44. You must not cut trees.
  45. We must not insult anyone.
  46. We must not break traffic rules.
  47. We must not cheat our friends.
  48. You must not watch TV too much. How To Use Must
  49. You must not eat junk food.
  50. We must not drink wine.
  51. You must not smoke cigarettes.
  52. They must not chew tobacco.
  53. We must not kill insects.
  54. We must not scold our children.
  55. We must not tear our books.
  56. We must not travel without a ticket.
  57. You must not trust strangers.
  58. You must be honest.
  59. She must be intelligent. How To Use Must
  60. They must be energetic.
  61. You must be polite.
  62. We must be happy.
  63. We must not be sad.
  64. She must be regular.
  65. Our home must be neat and clean.
  66. Your classroom must be airy.
  67. He must be Ram.
  68. Your handwriting must be legible.
  69. You must be your own Hero.
  70. You must be fluent in English.
  71. Your English must be flawless.
  72. You must be focused.
  73. You must be punctual.
  74. How To Use Must
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