78. Change (How To Welcome Changes)

Problems / Challenges & Solution

Friends, if you want to live a better life then you have to keep working continuously. 

You have to keep on improving yourself constantly. If we keep on improving our work continuously, then there is no doubt that we will keep on moving towards success. This means for the betterment in life, we have to keep fighting continuously. 

To understand this, let’s look at a true story.

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Problem No. 1 & It’s Solution

The Japanese love to eat fresh fish. The fishermen there persist in catching fresh fish and selling them quickly. But there was a problem. Fish were rarely found on the coasts of Japan. One had to go far to sea to catch a lot of fish. So the fishermen prepared a big boat and went into the deep sea and started catching the fish.

Problem No. 2 & It’s Solution

The farther the fishermen go, the longer it takes to come back. Sometimes two or three days would pass. The fish caught by this do not remain fresh and the eater can understand from the taste that the fish is not fresh. 

The fish of such fishermen started selling less. The fishermen solved this by installing freezers in their boats. They would catch the fish and put it in the freezer. This did not harm the fish and they could travel long distances.

Problem No. 3 & It’s Solution

But the Japanese were even wiser. They would notice the difference in the taste of fresh and frozen fish and they did not like the taste of frozen fish. The fishermen then came up with a solution to make small water tanks in the boat itself. They used to fill a lot of caught fish in this water tank. The fish struggled a lot at first but would calm down later. Since there was not much space in the water tank, the fish could not swim much. But those fish didn’t even die.

Problem No. 4 & It’s Solution

Unfortunately, the Japanese also began to dislike these fish because they were lethargic and tired, and their taste was not like fresh fish. 

In the end the fishermen found the right solution to this problem. The fishermen started keeping a small shark fish in the same water tank. That shark ate some fish, but still most of the fish survived. These remaining fish remained fresh and alive as they struggled relentlessly to escape from the sharks.

Problem No. 5 & ​​It’s Solution

The problems of life are also like shark fish. Who comes in life to make us better, stronger. We keep moving forward only by fighting. Everything is difficult in the beginning, but with continuous hard work one day it becomes easy for us. Now if you keep working continuously in life, then problems will arise, but you have already found solutions for those problems before they come. 

Whenever a problem arises, take it as a challenge. If you consider it a challenge, then that problem will not be there and you will easily solve it.

How To Welcome Changes

How To Welcome Changes

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