Interview Conversation In English-1

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Rahul : May I come in sir?

Interviewer : Yes please…Have a seat. How are you doing?

Rahul : I am doing well. Thank You.

Interviewer : You are……….

Rahul : Rahul.

Interviewer : I see, Rahul, tell me something about yourself.

Rahul : Sir, I am Rahul. I am 23 years old. I belong to Dehradun. I have done B.Tech from MIT University in 2011. There are four members in my family, including my Dad, Mom and My elder brother. My Dad works in a bank, Mom is a housewife and my brother is pursuing MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. And my hobby is listening to music.

Interviewer : You have done B.Tech so what’s the point of coming into the BPO industry?

Rahul : Sir, BPO industry is a booming industry. As far as I know, 75% of the IT revenue

comes from this industry. There are good opportunities. Facilities are good as well.

Interviewer : Rahul, do you know what BPO stands for?

Rahul : Yes sir, it’s Business Process Outsourcing.

Interviewer : That’s correct. Okay, you said your brother is pursuing MBA from IIM. Can you tell me something about IIM?

Rahul : Well, I’ve just heard that IIMs are reputed institutes in India and the students of IIMs have a bright future.

Interviewer : Alright, your hobby is listening to music, right?

Rahul : Yes sir.

Interviewer : What kind of music?

Rahul : Sir, I like soft music like soft instruments being used and soft voices.

Interviewer : What do you mean by soft?

Rahul : Sir, I mean slow romantic songs with slow music, a bit of guitar slowly used….

Interviewer : I see. Rahul, do you celebrate your birthday?

Rahul : Yes sir. I do.

Interviewer : How?

Rahul : I just cut the cake and enjoy it with friends and family members.

Interviewer : How did you celebrate your last birthday?

Rahul : Sir, I had invited my friends at home. My brother had brought a cake, burgers,

sandwiches, chowmein etc. We had it. Thať’s it.

Interviewer : I see. So it was simple?

Rahul : Yes sir.

Interviewer : What do you know about call centres?

Rahul : Sir, Call centre is a place where calls are either received or made. There are two types of processes; inbound and outbound. In inbound, we receive a call from customers and in outbound, we make a call to them.

Interviewer : Not a bad answer. So you have decided to join a call centre, right?

Rahul : Yes sir.

Interviewer : Ok Rahul, it was a pleasure talking to you. You can wait outside for the feedback.

Rahul : Thank you, sir.

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Interview Conversation In English-1

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