Interview Conversation In English-6

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Arun: May I come in sir?

Interviewer: Yes, Come in.

Arun: May I sit?

Interviewer: Yeah sure. How are you?

Arun: sir, I am fine and you?

Interviewer: I am good. Do we start?

Arun: Yes sir.

Interviewer: What is your name?

Arun: Sir, Arun.

Interviewer: I see. Tell me something about yourself including your family background?

Arun: Sir, My name is Arun. I belong to Delhi. I graduated from Delhi University in 2010. There are five members in my family. My father is in a private job. My mother is a housewife. I’ve a brother and a sister. Both are younger to me and pursuing graduation from DU itself. My hobbies are playing guitar and reading books. That’s it.

Interviewer: You have done BA or BSc?

Arun: Sir, I have done BA.

Interviewer: Which was your favourite subject?

Arun: History.

Interviewer: Can you tell me the name of Ashoka’s father?

Arun: Sir, I can’t remember now. Actually it’s been three years since I graduated so I don’t remember much. I think it was Bindusar.

Interviewer: Are you confident?

Arun: Not so sure.

Interviewer: It’s ok. Anyway, do you have any idea what a call centre is?

Arun: Sir, Call centre is a place where calls are either received or made. There are two types of processes; inbound and outbound. In inbound, we receive a call from customers and in outbound, we make a call to them.

Interviewer: Why do we call customers in outbound processes?

Arun: Sir, It may be for selling our products or for a survey purpose.

Interviewer: And in inbound?

Arun: Sir, we have to handle customer queries in inbound. We have to provide good customer service to the customer.

Interviewer: Do you have any work experience?

Arun: No sir, I am a fresher.

Interviewer: Did you ever try for government jobs?

Arun: Yes sir, I did. I had written the test for Railways and Indian Navy but I couldn’t get through.

Interviewer: Do you think a call centre is a good career option?

Arun:  Yes sir. Call centre industry is a booming industry. Call centres are providing good salary packages, facilities like meals, transport and all. So I think I can grow here.

Interviewer: Can you tell me a disadvantage of working in call centres?

Arun: Shifts are rotational.

Interviewer: But you got to manage!

Arun: Yes sir, I know. It’s not a problem sir. When I thought about applying in call centres, I convinced myself. I truly believe that one has to sacrifice some or the other thing to achieve something better. And moreover, every job has some pros and cons. I am quite comfortable with shifts.

Interviewer: I like your attitude. See, 5 years ago even I had joined here as an executive like you. So growth opportunities are certainly there, but you got to perform.

Arun: Yes sir.

Interviewer: Well, I think you can do a good job. By the way, where do you stay?

Arun: Sir, I live in Dilshad Colony.

Interviewer: Oh, that’s the problem. We don’t provide cabs in East Delhi.

Arun: Sir, Do you provide in South Delhi?

Interviewer: Yes we do.

Arun: Sir, I can relocate as my friend is living there. I can share his room.

Interviewer: That’s great. Ok Arun, so now you wait outside for the feedback.

Arun: Thank you so much sir. Nice talking to you.

Interviewer: Same here.

Arun: Thank You sir.

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Interview Conversation In English-6

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