My dear friends-Motivational Lesson Chhichhore movie

It’s a burning issue or we can say it’s a hot topic.

Because it is related to our kids.

I received this message on WhatsApp from one of my best friends Dr Sanjay Chaurasiya.

It’s my humble request to you all it is

*Long but read and think*

We watched Chhichhore movie. 

It made me laugh, it made me cry. 

It had such a valid point and I am guilty of it as well…

We are only teaching our kids to win

No one is telling them that it is ok to lose

Our rewards to them are performance based. 

Do well and you get xyz

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Out of the 10,00,000 appearing for IIT JEE, only 10000 will get in. 

No one is telling the 9,90,000 that there is always a plan B

No one is teaching the kids that LOSER isn’t one who loses; the loser is the one who does not try enough.

In the movie the kid thinks that it is the end of the world when he doesn’t get into IIT. 

He is already stressed out and the fear that he is failing his father troubles him even more…

It was heartbreaking to watch that. Motivational Lesson Chhichhore movie

It was also so true and close home!

We as parents want the very best for our children. 

We want them to succeed and do well. 

We are all constantly teaching them to WIN…no one is teaching them that it is ok to lose.

What is not ok is that you didn’t try enough. 

It is ok to fall and fail. 

It is even better to then get up, dust the knees, wipe the tears and then try again.

Let them learn to digest the defeat.

Don’t give them only luxuries & fulfill all their demands, but give them care, support and quality time.

Please don’t label your child

Loser or winner, smart or dumb, shy or naughty.

Everyone is unique.

Sorry for the long message but I felt like sharing it here as all our kids and we are in the same phase of life.

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