MP-TET Language Skills Questions 

Q. 1 Which of the following skills are known as primary skills?

(A) Listening & Speaking

(B) Listening & Writing

(C) Writing & Reading

(D) Speaking & Writing

Q. 2 Under which activity do recognizing sounds and deducing meaning from them come?

(A) Speaking

(B) Listening

(C) Reading

(D) Writing

Q. 3 In order to know the correct pronunciation of English words, the learner should:

(A) Know how to write the words.

(B) Know the spelling, meanings and how they are pronounced.

(C) Know the meanings only.

(D) Know the spelling.

Q. 4 A primary teacher should introduce reading through:

(A) Stories

(B) Picture books

(C) Alphabet books only

(D) Phonic teaching

Q. 5 Listening comprehension is a….

A. Hearing skill

B. Receptive skill

C. Creative skill

D. Productive skill

Q. 6 At Class II, sharing stories, familiar experiences, and interests, employing gestures where appropriate, is a sub-skill of ……function.

A. Reading

B. Listening

C. Speaking

D. Writing

Q. 7 Prediction in terms of reading refers to….

A. Previewing

B. Using prior knowledge of the subject and the ideas in the text as clues to the meanings of unknown words.

C. Using knowledge of subject matter for guessing the content and vocabulary.

D. Paraphrasing

Q. 8 Learning to read means:

A. Reading aloud.

B. Decoding letters of the alphabet into sounds.

C. Decoding the structure of a language.

D. Decoding the meaning

Q. 9 Intensive reading is aimed at helping the learners read a text for:

A. Improving study skills

B. Accuracy

C. Pleasure only

D. Information

Q.10 Scanning and skimming are

strategies for:

A. Speaking

B. Thinking

C. Reading

D. Writing

Q.11 Scribbling is a stage of:

A. Speaking

B. Listening

C. Writing

D. Reading

Q.12 Scanning is a reading activity which helps the learners to………from the text.

A. Draw out information.

B. Develop competence in the linguistic items.

C. Know the meanings of the words.

D. Enrich the vocabulary.

Q.13 Conventions of writing include:

A. story ideas

B. proper punctuation

C. imagination

D. good vocabulary

MP-TET Language Skills Questions

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