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Platoon Commander Recruitment Test for Home Guard Department 2015

1st Nov 2015, 09:00 AM

English Point
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1) Fill in the blank with the suitable option given below.

He gave me ____ few books to read.

A) the

B) an

C) some

D) a

2) Fill in the blank with the suitable option given below.

It was ___ unique hotel.

A) a

B) an

C) the

D) the most

3) Fill in the blank with the suitable option given below.

He can be considered ____ honest person.

A) a

B) the

C) an

D) most

4) Fill in the blank with the suitable option given below.

The gate opened ____ the man pushed it.

A) if

B) because

C) unless

D) till

5) Fill in the blank with the suitable option given below.

They will visit you ____ they go to the airport.

A) before

B) after

C) when

D) until

6) Fill in the blank with the suitable option given below.

We have _____ time to reach station.

A) all

B) enough

C) few

D) many

MPSI Previous Years Papers 2015-1

7) Fill in the blank with the suitable option given below.

_____ cookies taste great.

A) This

B) That

C) These

D) Little

8) I wished to see that movie yesterday, but I _____  find the DVD.

A) don’t

B) might not

C) wouldn’t

D) couldn’t

9) I don’t know what to say. You _____ a lawyer for an expert advice.

A) are able to ask

B) could ask

C) must ask

D) have to ask

10) He didn’t join us for concert yesterday because he_____ write a report.

A) should

B) must

C) had to

D) could

11) Meena said, “I write a letter”. (Change the narration)

A) Meena said that she writes a letter

B) Meena said that she wrote a letter

C) Meena said that she had written a letter

D) Meena said that she write a letter

12) We are going to see my parents ___  the weekend.

A) on

B) in

C) for

D) during

13)___1932, a great fire broke out ___London.

A) in, in

B) at, in

C) on, in

D) in, at

14) I don’t like walking alone ___ the streets ____ midnight.

A) at ,in

B) in,in

C) in ,at

D) on ,in

MPSI Previous Years Papers 2015-1

DIRECTIONS: Read the passage below and answer the questions that follows:

The word ‘culture’ and ‘civilization’ are often used synonymously. However, they have clearly defined meanings differentiating them. ‘Civilization’ means having better ways of living and sometimes making nature bend to fulfill their needs. It also includes organizing societies into politically well­ defined groups working collectively for improved conditions of life in matters of food, dress, communication, and so on. Thus some groups consider themselves as civilized and look down upon others. This disposition of certain groups has even led to wars and holocausts, resulting in mass destruction of human beings.

On the other hand ‘culture’ refers to the inner being, a refinement of head and heart. This includes arts and sciences, music and dance and various higher pursuits of human life which are also classified as cultural activities.

One who may be poor and wearing cheap clothes may be considered ‘uncivilized’, but still he or she may be the most cultured person. One possessing ostentatious wealth may be considered as ‘civilized’ but he may not be cultured’. Therefore, when we think of culture, we have to understand that it is different from civilization.

Culture is the ‘higher levels of inner refinement’ of a human being. Humans are not merely physical beings. They live and act at three levels: physical, mental and spiritual. While better ways of living socially and politically and better utilization of nature around us may be termed as civilization. This is not enough to be cultured. Only when the deeper levels of a person’s intellect and consciousness are brought into expression can we call him/her ‘cultured’.

Cultural development is a historical process. Our ancestors learnt many things from their predecessors. With the passage of time they also added to it from their own experience and gave up those which they did not consider useful. We in turn have learnt many things from our ancestors. As time goes we continue to add new thoughts, new ideas to those already existent and sometimes we give up some which we don’t consider useful any more. MPSI Previous Years Papers 2015-1

15) Question:­ In the sentence – ‘The word ‘culture’ and ‘civilization’ are often used synonymously’, the word synonymously can be replaced with?

A) Interchangeably

B) Variably

C) Constructively

D) Obtrusively

16) Question:­ ‘Civilization’ can be termed as?

A) The organization of masses in a productive manner

B) The collection of like people in various groups

C) A way of life as opposed to nature

D) A mode of living in to avoid communal disturbances

17) Question:­ Living in a civilized society?

A) Improves the condition of life of its inhabitants

B) Gears up the masses to fight against the laws of nature

C) Garners the best in totality to offer

D) Has its repercussions in the form of communal tensions

18) Question:­  Which of the following best describes a ‘holocaust’ as per the passage?

A) A religious animal sacrifice that is completely consumed by fire

B) A sudden violent political or social upheaval

C) A large-scale and violent event in the natural world

D) An act of destruction or slaughter on a mass scale

19) Question: ­ Which of these is a component of a ‘civilized’ society?

A) Communalism

B) Communication

C) Hostility

D) Absence of compassion

20) Question:­ The inhospitable temperament on the part of few sections of society has led to ?

A) Spend thrifty attitude

B) Local mass mobilization

C) Indifferent attitude of children

D) Mass destruction of men and materials

21) Question:­ ‘Culture’ is _____ civilization

A) superior than

B) associated with

C) inherent in

D) different from

22) Question:­ The definition of ‘culture’ would include?

A) Having clarity in matters of art and science

B) Differentiating between sources of pleasure and pain

C) Refinement of head and heart

D) Establishment of spiritual conscience

23) Question:­ Being civilized does not necessarily make us cultured as well. The statement is ?

A) Entirely false

B) Imaginary

C) Ambiguous

D) Significantly true

MPSI Previous Years Papers 2015-1

24) Question:­ Ostentatious is as good as?

A) Modest

B) Restrained

C) Conspicuous

D) Indiscernible

25) This almond chocolate _____ made by a small chocolatier in Zurich, Switzerland.

A) is

B) are

C) be

D) were

26) Today ____ the last day of my trek at Mount Everest. I am tired and my body is _____

A) is, shaken

B) was, shaken

C) has been, shaking

D) is, shaking

27) I think the attendant _______ us. We ______ waiting here for over half an hour.

A) forgot, have waited

B) has forgotten, have been

C) forgotten, have been

D) forgot, have been waiting

28) Rohit cannot drive the car. [Change into passive voice]

A) Car could not have been driven by Rohit

B) Car cannot be driven by Rohit

C) Car was not driven by Rohit

D) Car could not be driven by Rohit

29) Reema was completing the homework. [Change into passive voice]

A) The home work was completed by Reema

B) The home work had been completed by Reema

C) The home wok was being completed by Reema

D) The home work was been completed by Reema

30) Shobhit will teach me English. [Change into passive voice]

A) English will be taught to me by Shobhit

B) English will have been taught to me by Shobhit

C) English is being taught to me my Shobhit

D) Shobhit will be teaching me English

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