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Platoon Commander Recruitment Test for Home Guard Department 2015

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English Point
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1) Fill in the blank with the suitable option given below.

He studies in ____ University.

(A) one

(B) the

(C) a

(D) an

2) Fill in the blank with the suitable option given below.

I will be back in ____ hour.

(A) the

(B) a

(C) an

(D) to

3) Fill in the blank with the suitable option given below.

Today I saw ____ one eyed man in our locality.

(A) An

(B) a

(C) some

(D) the

4) Fill in the blank with the suitable option given below.

Ghost stories are a lot of fun, ____ you tell them late at night with the lights off.

(A) whether

(B) if

(C) though

(D) although

5) Fill in the blank with the suitable option given below.

The door opened ____ the man walked in.

(A) but

(B) where

(C) and

(D) because

6) Fill in the blank with the suitable option given below.

____ of the children wanted to go to the zoo.

(A) Less

(B) The few

(C) Little

(D) Few

7) Fill in the blank with the suitable option given below.

I have ____ money to start a retail business.

(A) all

(B) whole

(C) enough

(D) any

MPSI Previous Years Papers 2015-2

8) Shreya’s instructor says that she____play the violin pretty well in half a year.

(A) may

(B) could

(C) will be able to

(D) will have to

9) My cat _____ very high when it was younger.

(A) could jump

(B) could have jumped

(C) might be able to jump

(D) had to jump

10) One of the hikers ____ get out of the trench.

(A) can

(B) might

(C) was able to

(D) had to

11) Sohan said, “I bought a book yesterday”. (Change the narration)

(A) Sohan said that he had bought a book yesterday

(B) Sohan said that he had bought a book the day before

(C) Sohan said that he bought a book yesterday

(D) Sohan said that he has bought a book yesterday

12) Rohan is going to play cricket  ____ sunday.

(A) on

(B) at

(C) in

(D) for

13) My father’s birthday is ____ the 5th of June..

(A) at

(B) in

(C) on

(D) till

14) My birthday is ____ January.

(A) in

(B) on

(C) at

(D) during

MPSI Previous Years Papers 2015-2

DIRECTIONS: Read the passage below and answer the questions that follows:

A hole in the topmost layer of the sun and its magnetic field, the size of 50 Earths, is letting loose an ultrafast solar wind that has kicked off several nights of auroras down on Earth.

A new image, from NASA’s orbiting Solar Dynamics Observatory, reveals the enormous hole as it was on Oct. 10, taken at an ultraviolet wavelength unseen by the human eye. To an ordinary observer, the gaping hole would be invisible, though you should never stare at the sun because serious eye damage can result.

The gap in the sun’s magnetic field lets out a stream of particles travelling at up to 500 miles per second, kindling a days­long geomagnetic storm upon hitting Earth.

Coronal holes normally form over the sun’s poles and lower latitudes, more often when the sun is at a less active point in its 11­year cycle. They are areas within the sun’s outermost layer, called its corona, which are lower density and cooler — that, plus the weakened magnetic field, lets the plasma and charged particles that make up the corona stream out more easily in a solar wind. If aimed toward Earth, that spells the makings of a geomagnetic storm: a phenomenon that can affect power and navigation for satellites orbiting the Earth as well as radio communication.

Another wayward effect of a geomagnetic storm is enhanced northern lights: the glowing auroras that often form in the night sky over the northernmost reaches of the planet grow much brighter and can even extend much farther south than usual. Geomagnetic storms and auroras can also be caused by other sun phenomena, such as solar flares and coronal mass ejections, which both blast the corona’s material outward because of increased magnetic activity.

As the coronal hole continues its slow march westward on the sun’s surface, solar winds will stay strong, NOAA officials said in a statement, which may lead to additional minor geomagnetic storming. Thus, bright auroras will likely continue — at least around the Arctic Circle.

15) Question:­ As per the passage auroras most precisely mean to be

(A) The gases released in the space

(B) The bands of light

(C) The ultra­violet rays of the sun

(D) The solar energy compounds

16)  Question:­ The said phenomenon is triggered because of?

(A) A hole in the helium hot ball

(B) A hole in the layers of earth

(C) A leakage in the masses in space

(D) Extreme air pressure around the earth’s atmosphere

17)  Question:­ Staring at the sun directly may result in?

(A) Loss of sensory motions

(B) Partial or complete blindness

(C) Damage to brain cells

(D) Collapsing of nervous system

18) Question:­ Coronal holes are likely to form when?

(A) The sun is at its highest altitude

(B) The sun has approximated half its distance with earth

(C) The sun is at a less active point

(D) The sun’s gaseous particles have diffused with its surroundings Correct

19) Question:­ The geomagnetic storm can be a hindrance?

(A) In the space where different compounds react in totality

(B) To the earth’s atmospheric pressure belt

(C) To the movements of navigation satellites and radio communication

 (D) In the formation of stars

20)  Question:­ As per the author, ‘wayward effect’ would precisely mean?

(A) Side effect

(B) Dual effect

(C) Sensory effect

(D) Following effect

21)  Question: ­ The glowing auroras have a tendency to?

(A) Dwarf down after reaching a certain size

(B) Grow and extend southwards

(C) Glow brighter in the night sky

(D) Emerge bigger in shape and size

22) Question:­ Another sun phenomenon that can cause aurora is?

(A) Air pressure mechanism

(B) Helium trigger

(C) Coronal mass ejections

(D) Gas leakages

MPSI Previous Years Papers 2015-2

23) Question:­ As per the passage, _______ is the reason for a blasting of the corona’s material outward?

(A) increased magnetic activity

(B) an ultraviolet wavelength

(C) enhanced northern light

(D) weakened magnetic field

24) Question:­ The passage is most likely?

(A) A report in newspaper

(B) A combined statement by NASA scientists

(C) An article in a science journal

(D) An opinion expressed in a blog

25) Every Monday, Sheela______ her kids to football practice.

(A) drives

(B) driving

(C) has driven

(D) is driving

26) Usually, I _____as an assistant at library, but this summer I _____ French at a language school in Paris.

(A) work, learning

(B) working, am learning

(C) worked, learnt

(D) work, am learning

27) Sam eats pasta. [Change into passive voice]

(A) Pasta was eaten by Sam

(B) Pasta is eaten by Sam

(C) Pasta is being Eaten By Sam

(D) Pasta has been eaten by Sam

28) Cats catch Mice. [Change into passive voice]

(A) Mice were caught by cats

(B) Mice are being caught by cats

(C) Mice are caught by cats

(D) Mice is caught by cats

29) Sheryl is writing a letter. [Change into passive voice]

(A) A letter was written by Sheryl

(B) A letter is written by Sheryl

(C) A letter was being written by Sheryl

(D) A letter is being written by Sheryl

30) Currently Dev is _______ a book about his adventures in Tibet. I hope he can find a good publisher when he is_____.

(A) Writing ,finished

(B) Write ,finishing

(C) Written ,finished

(D) Writing,finishing

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