Narration Direct Indirect Test-30

Narration Direct Indirect Exercise 

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01. He says to Ashoka, “I have given you some books.”

Answer- 01. He tells Ashok that he has given him (Ashok) some books.

02. They said to me, “We have taken their book.”

Answer- 02. They told me that they had taken their books.

03. You said to Mohan,” I shall give you the pen.”

Answer- 03. You told Mohan that you would give him the pen.

04. I said to Vinay, “You are very handsome.”

Answer- 04. I told Vinay that he was very handsome.

05. Rohit said to his father, “I have remembered my lesson well.”

Answer- 05. Rohit told his father that he had remembered his lesson well.

06. Chandni said to her husband.” you have not brought a saree.”

Answer- 06. Chandni told her husband that he had not brought a saree.

07. We said to the teacher,” You have not given us task.”

Answer- 07. We told the teacher that he had not given us task.

08. Babu said to his sons. “You should not quarrel among yourselves.”

Answer- 08. Babu told his sons that they should not quarrel among themselves.

09. The police said to the thief, “You have stolen the bicycle.”

Answer- 09. The police told the thief that he had stolen the bicycle.

10. I said to my wife, “You do not worry for the work.”

Answer- 10. I told my wife that she did not worry for the work.

11. They said to me, “You are doing wrong.”

Answer- 11. They told me that I was doing wrong.

12. You said to him, “You are misleading me.” Answer- 12. You told him that he was misleading you.

13. We said to Sonu ji, “You are intelligent but you are still not doing well.”

Answer- 13. We told Sonu ji that he was intelligent but he was still not doing well.

14. He said to me, “I am sufficient to tolerate the happenings.”

Answer- 14. He told me that he was sufficient to tolerate the happenings.

15. The mother, talking to her eldest daughter, said, “You should complete your Diploma in Teaching before taking up a job.”

Answer- 15. The mother advised her eldest daughter that she should complete her Diploma in Teaching before taking up a job.

16. I said to him, “Do you respect your elders?.”

Answer- 16. I asked him if he respected his elders.

17. They said to me, “Do not vex the old man.”

Answer- 17. They advised me not to vex the old man.

18. They said to us, “May we stand united!”

Answer- 18. They wished us that they might stand united.

19. The teacher said to the boys, “Bravo! You have fought well.”

Answer- 19. The teacher exclaimed with joy and told the boys that they had fought well.

20. Rohit said to Meena, “What is your name?”

Answer- 20. Rohit asked Meena what her (Meena) name was.

21. He said to the teacher, “Let me have a pen, Sir.”

Answer- 21. He requested the teacher to let him have a pen.

22. They said to me, “May your house be built very soon!”

Answer- 22. They wished me that my house might be built very soon.

23. He said to us,” Ah! He is no more with us.”

Answer- 23. He exclaimed with sorrow and told us that he was no more with them.

24. He said to me, “Where there is will there is a way.”

Answer- 24. He told me that where there is will there is a way.

25. I said to my friend, “Please show me your new house.”

Answer- 25. I requested my friend to show me his new house.

26. They said to me, “May you be the leader of the country!”

Answer- 26. They wished me that I might be the leader of the country.

27. I said, “Enough!”

Answer- 27. I said that it was enough.

28. My friend said to me, “Why are you irresponsible?”

Answer- 28. My friend asked me why I was irresponsible.

29. They said to Puneet, “Let us go home.”

Answer- 29. They advised Puneet that they should go home.

30. The people said to me, “May you lead us to go a good path!”

Answer- 30. The people wished me that I might lead them to go a good path.

31. They said, “Good!”

Answer- 31. They said that it was good.

32. I said to him, “How do you hope the mercy of God, having done no good to anyone?”

Answer- 32. I asked him how he hoped the mercy of God, having done no good to anyone.

33. They said to me, “How stupid you are!”

Answer- 33. They exclaimed with hate/ disgust and told me that I was very stupid.

34. I said, “Such a great man he is!”

Answer- 34. I exclaimed with surprise that he was a great man.

35. They said to me, “Still so wrong!”

Answer- 35. They exclaimed with regret and told me that it was still so wrong.

36. They said to me, “Do not put your life in risk.”

Answer- 36. They advised/ told me not to put my life in risk.

37. We said to Rohit, “Gallant!  You answered well.”

Answer- 37. We exclaimed with joy and told Rohit that he had answered well.

38. “I am always ready to help you,” she said to me, “because you are my neighbour.”

Answer- 38. She told me that she was always ready to help me because I was her neighbour.

39. He said, “Well, Rakesh you can take it.”

Answer- 39. He told Rakesh that he could take it.

40. Rangesh said, “Stop that horrible noise.”

Answer- 40. Rangesh ordered to stop that horrible noise.

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