Narration Direct Indirect Test-32

Narration Direct Indirect Exercise 

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1. Sanjay asked me would you go to the movies with him.

Answer- me he would go

2. Even after requesting him, he did not tell us that how he solved the problem.

Answer- Remove that

3. Troy was taken by Greeks this formed the basis of a story which has become famous.

Answer- Replace has with had

4. The long awaited moment at last came and we set out for the station as merry a band of children as I have ever seen before or since.

Answer- Replace have with had

5. The villager told us where was the temple and even led us to the spot.

Answer- where the temple was

6. In spite of the workload yesterday Mukesh manages to play it cool and continued with his work as usual.

Answer- managed

7. The lady said that she should be away from home tomorrow as Rashmi’s friend had come to visit Mumbai.

Answer- Replace tomorrow with the next day

8. What a person does as a social worker should be the same as what he does as an individual.

Answer- No Error

9. We fail to understand why do most educated people lost their temper per even without any apparent reason.

Answer- Replace lost with lose

10. I told him rest for a while as he has been working without break since morning.

Answer- Replace has with had

11. She said to her father that she cannot study without books and pens.

Answer- Replace can with could

12. The father told his son that he was a lazy boy and that he has done his work very badly.

Answer- Replace has with had

13. Sunil could succeed in catching the ball before it reaches the boundary line.

Answer- reached

14. Mritunjay asked the dealer what the price of that bicycle was and whether it is really made in Germany.

Answer- Replace is with was

15. They talked for a while and then they will continue to play a game by evening.

Answer- Replace will with would

16. The ten member committee were of the view that the present service conditions of the employee of this company are quite good and hardworking.

Answer- Replace are with were

17. I heard to my surprise that the present I send him was not to his taste.

Answer- Replace send with sent

18. She does not understand that how one can be employed as stenographer without the necessary qualifications.

Answer- remove that

19. Dhananjay could not decide as to which article he should buy from the shop.

Answer- No error

20. I requested my daughter to remain there till I come back from the shop.

Answer- Replace come with came

21. She asked me if I can leave entirely on my own.

Answer- Replace can with could

22. I told him bluntly that he is a lazy fellow and that he had done his work very badly.

Answer- Replace is with was

23. The chairman asked from me what I was doing in the cabin.

Answer- Remove from

24. He received time support from his elder brother who has been working abroad for the last six years.

Answer- Replace has with had

25. One of the security men rushed forward and asked me that if I had anything objectionable.

Answer- Remove that

26. If I were you I will not attend the function.

Answer- Replace will with would

27. Jaya said that she prefers a white shirt than coloured one on any festive occasion.

Answer- Replace preferes with preferred

28. You can imagine how annoyed I was when I learnt that the match has been postponed.

Answer- Replace has with had

29. The survey found that most of the employees has a positive view of the company.

Answer- Replace has with had

30. He was convinced that he loss the account because of bad luck.

Answer- Replace loss with lost

31. He asked the same question that why he was not selected and everyone responded saying that he had failed.

Answer- Remove that

32. The Prime Minister announced that the taxes will be increased from the beginning of next year.

Answer- Replace will with would

33. The meteorological department predicted that the rain and thunderstorm may continue throughout today.

Answer- Replace may with might

34. As soon as the CEO entered the office, the union leaders approached him and report the matter to him.

Answer- Replace report with reported

35. The issues were complex and especially the members of the committee have made them obscure.

Answer- Replace have with had

36. The teacher said to the students that a vegetarian is a person who never eats meat.

Answer- No Error

37. In his speech the finance minister stated that the new tax law will be applicable from April 1, 2010.

Answer- Replace will with would

38. The superstar reveal that he had been turning the controversial security measures into a public relations opportunity.

Answer- Replace reveal with revealed

39. A major computer security firm urged the social networking site to set up an early warning system after hundreds of users were hit by a new wave of virus attacks.

Answer- No Error

40. He was afraid that his parents would not allow him to make the film so he does not tell them about it.

Answer- Replace does with did

41. He has refused not to take the promotion although he is eligible.

Answer- Remove not

42. I advised to him to do his work properly.

Answer- Remove to

43. The doctors said that he was making good progress and would not need an operation.

Answer- No Error

44. Mother said, “Son, you have finished your homework?”

Answer- Son, have you finished

45. The student could not answer the teacher when he was asked to explain why he was so late that day.

Answer- No Error

46. Her relatives could not explain to us why did not she come for the wedding as she was expected.

Answer- why she did not come

47. My elder brother asked me that what I was doing.

Answer- Remove that

48. The teacher told to the students that they must attend school regularly.

Answer- Remove to

49. Her mother did not reply when I asked her why was she weeping.

Answer- why she was weeping

50. The teacher told that I should improve my hand-writing and spelling.

Answer- Replace told with said/suggested

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