Noun Competitive English Test-25

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01. He put on his pant and went to see deers. He met many sheeps on the way.

Answer- pants, deer, sheep

02. India won in the first inning.  He cut the news with scissor and kept the creeping in his trouser.

Answer- innings, scissors, trousers

03. The imageries are very beautiful in the poetries of Keats.

Answer- imageries, poetry

04. In communist countries wages earners are given great importance. They are given a good premise to live in.

Answer- wage, premises

05. He gave me advices to see the sceneries of Kashmir.

Answer- advice, scenery

06. The informations that this firm supplies good furnitures and stationeries proved wrong.

Answer- information, furniture, stationery

07. There was a quarrel among the sons on the effect left by their late father. It told upon their moral. The uncle took great pain to settle the matters.

Answer- effects, morals, pains

08. Mohan is playing billiards.

Answer- Billiard

09. She gave her advices.

Answer- advice

10. These children are sheela’s offsprings.

Answer- offspring

11. Gopal’s son is five years old.

Answer- year

12. Dinesh gave me informations about Kishore.

Answer- information

13. Many peoples have fallen a preys to cholera.

Answer- prey

14. Murari doesn’t like vegetables.

Answer- vegetable

15. They left their luggages. at the railway station.

Answer- luggage

Noun Competitive English Test-25

16. My daughter-in-laws who are in Agra have come to visit us.

Answer- daughters-in-law

17. Running a five stars hotel needs much more money than what we have in our account.

Answer- star

18. Some South Indian mango  are sold in the North too. Some South Indian hero are also popular.

Answer-mangoes, heroes

19. The loafs she gave me were stale. I gave them to calfs.

Answer- loaves, calves

20. The thiefs took away all things that were kept on the shelfs. They cut many things into halfs with knifes.

Answer- thieves, shelves, knives

21. She had no real brother. When her two mother-in-laws teased her she went to the house of her brothers. There she had two steps-mother.

Answer- mothers-in-law, of her brother, two step-mothers

22. The doctors have tried many formulas to kill the harmful bacillusses. For stimulusses they prescribed vitamins.

Answer- formulae, bacilli, stimuli

23. The teacher drew two radius in the circle.

Answer- radii

24. The University has changed the curriculums of many subjects.

Answer- curricula

25. The students drew their own hypothesises and included them in their synopsises. There are no criterions for such phenomenons.

Answer- hypotheses, synopses, criteria, phenomena

26. The news he has received……. good.

Answer- is

27. Where……..the money?

Answer- is

28. His trousers……..worn out.

Answer- are

29. Mathematics……. my poorest subject.

Answer- is

30. Riches……… sought after by all.

Answer- are

31. Our furniture…… getting old.

Answer- is

Noun Competitive English Test-25

32. This pair of scissors…… not sharp.

Answer- is

33. Fish……….not cheap today.

Answer- are

34. The number of newspapers…… increasing.

Answer- is

35. The sheep……. grazing in the field.

Answer- is/are

36. Chicken-pox ( is / are) an infectious disease.

Answer- is

37. Neither Shyam nor Manohar (has/have) stolen Sheel’s book.

Answer- has

38. His trousers (is / are) very neat and clean.

Answer- are

39. Forty rupees (are / is) a small amount.

Answer- is

40. Statistics (are / is) taught by Dr. Joshi.

Answer- is

41. The summons (have / has) been served on Kaushal.

Answer- have

42. Raju as well as Neelu (is / are) responsible for this thing.

Answer- is

43. The jury (has / have) given their verdict.

Answer- have

44. The poor (deserve / deserves) our sympathy.

Answer- deserve

45. The scissors (is / are) dull.

Answer- are

Noun Competitive English Test-25

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