Noun Competitive English Test-26

Fill in the blanks the suitable Word.

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1……… live in flocks.

Sheeps/ sheep/ the sheep/ a sheep

Answer- sheep

2. He is suffering from….

Measles/ measle/ the measle/ a measle

Answer- measles

3. Where are my…… kept?

The spectacles/ spectacle/ spectacles/ a spectacles

Answer- spectacles

4. His….. are grey.

Hairs/ hair/ the hair/ a hair

Answer- hair

5. A building made of…. and… strong.

Brick, stone/ a brick, the stone/ bricks, stones/ the brick, the stone

Answer- brick, stone

6. The……. attend the meeting.

Commander-in-chiefs/ commander-in-chief/

Commanders-in-chief/ commanders-in-chiefs

Answer- Commanders-in-chief

7. A……..note was found by me on the road.

Five rupees/ five/ five-rupee/ rupees

Answer- five-rupee

8. Rahul studies in a………school.

Boys/ boy/ boy’s/ boys’

Answer- boys’

9. She was very helpful. She gave me some very useful……

Advices/ advice/ advisary/ advices’

Answer- advice

10. These five children are her……

Offspring/ offsprings/ an offspring/ the offspring

Answer- Offspring

11. She has learnt the……….by heart.

Alphabetically/ alphabets/ alphabet/ alphabetism

Answer- alphabet

12. The…………….highly applauded the presentation of the play.

Audience/ audience’ / audiences/ none

Answer- Audience

Noun Competitive English Test-26

13. It is undesirable to carry heavy….. in this old age.

Luggage/ luggages/ a luggage/ the luggages

Answer- Luggage

14. The romantic…… subjective in nature.

Poetries/ poetry/ poems/ poetrys

Answer- poetry

15. My…… is appearing for high school examination.

Sister-in-law’s/ sisters-in-law/ sister-in-law/ sister-in/-laws

Answer- sister-in-law

16. I must help him. After all, we are…… of the same profession.

Brothers / brethren

Answer- brethren

17. Has the…… for tomorrow’s meeting been drawn up?

Agendum / agenda

Answer- agenda

18. All the……. were sold. You are too late to buy them.

Topazes / topazs

Answer- Topazes

19. Heavy decoration and lighting was displayed on all the…….of the city on eve of Christmas.

Churches / Churchs

Answer- Churches

20. To prevent yourself from……use ‘Goodnight’ mat.

Mosquitoes / mosquitos

Answer- Mosquitoes

21. His heart is full of……

Hatred / Hatreds

Answer- Hatred

22. At night, I read the story of ten little…..and saw all of them in my dream.

Dwarfs / dwarves

Answer- Dwarfs

23. One of the four…. was blunt. Rest of them were very sharp.

Knifes / knives

Answer- knives

24. My friend presented me two…… on my birthday. One was green and the other was red in colour.

Scarfs, scarves, both, none

Answer- scarves

25. The farmer was very sad because one of the……..had died yesterday.

Oxen / oxes

Answer- Oxen

27. Now we are…. we can take our own decision.

Growns up / grown ups

Answer- grown ups

Noun Competitive English Test-26

12. He composed many poems out of his……

Imagination / imaginations

Answer- Imagination

28. There are numerous…… of tigers in the world.

Specis / species

Answer- species

29. Did you hear….. just now?

Noises / a noise

Answer- a noise

30. I have got many…….to do.

Works / work

Answer- work

31. We have many…. iron ores in our country, Many things are made of…. iron, my washer man purchased…. iron last week.

Answer-No word, no word, an

32. I remember…. pleasures of my childhood.

Answer- the

33. ……. to be appreciated not to be exploited.

Answer- no word, is/has

34. We have two servants Rukmani and Sohan. The former comes with…. child. The latter leaves…. son at home.

Answer- her, his

35. She lives in a big house,….. front is towards the East. She has some more houses but… are in the village.

Answer- the, they

36. India is our country. We are proud of…. culture.

Answer- her

37. I was purchasing shoes of tennis when a bus of city arrived. We sat on a side where pane of window was broken.

Answer- tennis shoes, city bus, window pane

38. The chair’s legs are broken. I shall have to send it to the carpenter’s.

Answer- the legs of the chair

39. These are woman’s problems. Government of India laws cannot solve them.

Answer- women’s problems, India’s laws

40. The student’s union and trader’s associations have decided to go on strike.

Answer- traders’, students’

41. Do not be cruel to the poor for conscience’s sake.

Answer- consciences’

42. I purchased five rupee’s of mangoes.

Answer- rupees’ worth mangoes

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