Noun Competitive English Test-27

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1. All the girls students of the college are advised to sit in the girl’s common room.

Answer- girl

2. The present datas show that the illiteracy rate in India has fallen down but not to the level of expectation.

Answer- data

03. He gave me two important informations I had been waiting for the previous two months.

Answer- information

4. An earthquake is a natural phenomenon and nobody can check it, be sure.

Answer- No Error

05. The class teacher gave him a home work and instructed him to do it at night.

Answer-him home work

06. The haves should not look scornfully at the haves not, rather they should try to encourage them to work hard and earn their livelihood.

Answer- the have not

07. The Headquarter of the Army is in Delhi; it’s really very surprising that you do not know even this fact.

Answer- Headquarters

08. Two summons have been issued by the court but you have not turned up yet.

Answer- summones

09. He has ordered bricks for the proposed hotel and bar.

Answer- brick

10. Please convey my best regard and wishes to the Boss’, the secretary said to the peon of the manager.


11. These type of books are certainly helpful to the students preparing for the Banking Service Examinations.

Answer- type’s of books

12. Slick advertising campaign, soaring gold prices and increasing purchasing power for consumers have helped develop a market for diamonds.


Noun Competitive English Test-27

13. I know nothing about his whereabout. Do you? he said to me.

Answer- whereabouts

14. Now I have come to know why he always remains at loggers-head with his wife and mother-in-law.

Answer- logger-heads

15. Like most young women living at homes, I can’t really talk about my ideas or what I really feel to my parents.

Answer- at home

16. None of the five players who have been given a chance to join this team play confidently.

Answer-No Error

17. The paper display the author’s grasp of the subject which stems not only from his experience but also from his original thinking.

Answer- displays

18. One of my uncles is a doctor in America.

Answer- No Error

19. All the leading hotels of this city serves good Indian and continental food.

Answer- serve

20. Motion sickness is affecting women more often than men but the reason is unknown.

Answer- sickness affects

21. I know now and I have always known that helps comes first from within.

Answer- that help

22. What are their reasons to say it?

Answer- No Error

23. Mohan’s eyes reflect a hope for a better future in Microsoft.

Answer- No Error

24. Due to me being a newcomer, I was unable to get a good house.

Answer- Due to my being

25. Most of the Indian populations still lives in its villages and thus the contribution of agriculture to Indian economy becomes very important.

Answer- population

26. Being able to remember a lot of informations is not the same as being able to think.

Answer- information

27. It is believed that smoking is one of the cause of cancer.

Answer- causes of cancer

28. All the child playing at the beach ran towards Ram when they heard him shout.


All the children

29. All our zonal office have received instructions to process loan applications within thirty days.

Answer- offices

30. The power supplying in many states has been badly affected because of the shortage of coal.

Answer- supplying

31. To provide more such facility to its workers, the company is planning to build schools and parks in the township.

Answer- facilities

32. I have many works to do.

Answer-many work

Noun Competitive English Test-27

33. Mother and I generally go to the store and pick up food items for the charitable.

Answer- charitably

34. Manoj prefers extra sugars in his tea.

Answer- extra sugar

35. Suman took a hundred coins from the man and gave him a few medicine to make him feel better.

Answer- medicines

36. Two lakhs of people attended the meeting held in parade grounds.

Answer- two lakh of

37. There are so many filths all around the place.

Answer- so much filths

38. Children enjoy listening to ghosts stories especially on Halloween night.

Answer- the Halloween

39. Seema’s parents were happy to let her marry the boy of her choice as he seemed to belong to a good family.

Answer- No Error

40. In times of crisis, the Bhagavad Gita gives light and guide to the mind tortured by doubt and torn by conflict of duties.


41. Deplete of the Ozone layer and the greenhouse effect over two long-term effects of air pollution.

Answer- Depletion

42. The Indian government should make sure that men and women are given equal opportunities.

Answer- No Error

43. I like the poetries of Byron and Shelley.

Answer- poetry or poems

44. The manager put forward a number of critereons for the post.

Answer- criteria

45. The bomb caused extensive damage of the surrounding buildings.

Answer- damage to

46. The devastating experiences of many wars taught some countries the necessary of pursuing peace at the expense of nationalist egos.

Answer- necessity

47. The infection which causes gums to bleed and teeth to fall out results from the build-up of a particular bacteria that is common to most mouths.

Answer- bacterium

48. According to Government estimates at least 4 million tonnes of sugar will have to be imported this year because of a poor monsoon.

Answer- Government’s

Noun Competitive English Test-27

49. The manager of that city branch cannot handle it with the help of only two personnel as business has increased substantially.

Answer- personnels

50. With the literacy rates in this region as low as 10% we need to encourage local people to build schools.

Answer- rate

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