Noun Competitive English Test-28

Find the error and correct it.

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51. Three conditions critical for growing plants are soil temperature, chemical balance or amount of moisture.

Answer- No Error

52. The committee will discuss the draft in detail and will make suggestions for the proper implementing the scheme.

Answer-implementation of the

53. The comedian enthralled everybody with his quick witty as he had chosen just the right topic to warm up to the crowd.

Answer- quick wit as

54. The officer said that he appreciated his staffs coming on time and co-operating him.

Answer- staff’s coming

55. The award ceremony ended on a note of good cheer with audiences responding warmly to its line up of film.

Answer- audience

56. Their failure to inspect our factories is a clear indications that our licence will not be renewed.

Answer- indication

57. Many organizations have been offering attractive incentives to their employees in an attempt to boosting employee retention.

Answer- employees’

58. We informed customers that there will be no interrupting in our bank services tomorrow.

Answer- interruption

59. One of the important lesson he taught me was to save at least 30% of my gross income.


60. The table’s legs have been elaborately curved.

Answer- the legs of the table

61. The sceneries of Kashmir is very charming.


Noun Competitive English Test-28

62. Many of our staff had the opportunity to go to Pune for training last year.

Answer- No Error

63. He informed me that he had gone to one of the Minister’s residence and stayed there all night.

Answer- to the residence of one of the ministers

64. We have received many of the letters from customers asking us to extend the deadline to repay their loans.

Answer- many letters

65. None of the student in the class scored below the given cut-off marks.

Answer- students

66. He is one of the tallest boy in the class.

Answer- boys

67. America’s problems are, however not so serious and awful as India.

Answer- India’s

68. It is truth that India is the largest consumer of gold in the world.

Answer- a truth

69. The long gap needs to be bridged soon because it has created a lot of unpleasant.

Answer- unpleasantness

70. The expert mason reported to the owner of the hotel that there was no question of the wall’s falling down.

Answer- of the falling down of the wall

71. On a number of occasions, we had noticed that those two employees were often in state of confused.

Answer- confusion

72. It was a great honour and privilege to witness the high-level meeting between Chinese and India’s leaders.

Answer- China

73. Identifying, nurturing and developing an employee’s talent is among the most important task of Human Resource Development department.

Answer- important tasks

74. Many residents claim that the company has taken their land without adequate compensating.

Answer- compensation

75. These protests are because of the government’s plans to raise the retirement age of public sector employees.

Answer- plan

76. The survey gives us much knowledge of the public’s opinion on the matter of terrorism.

Answer- public

77. The Finance Minister view is that the scheme will ensure that millions of farmers will be lifted out of poverty.

Answer- Minister’s

78. The beautiful surrounding of the place enchanted me.

Answer- surroundings

79. Games and sports are very essential for the proper developments of our body and mind.


80. The neglect of women costs the world a great deal both in economic and in social terms.

Answer-No Error

81. The meeting will not end till the chairman gets approval from every members of the Board.

Answer- member

82. After her retiring she established many institutions to train underprivileged but talented children.


83. Most of the country hilly land is unsuitable not only for building but also for agriculture.

Answer- country’s

84. Against his family wishes Rakesh plans to take up a job as a journalist.

Answer- Against the wishes of his family

85. Yogesh knew the value of obedient too well not to anticipate some censure of his act.

Answer- obedience

Noun Competitive English Test-28

86. I have been living in Hyderabad at my uncle since my birth.

Answer- uncle’s house

87. Of the billions of stars in the galaxy, how much are suitable for life?

Answer- how many

88. The furnitures purchased by me is sub-standard and fit for my drawing room.

Answer- furniture

89. Very few soldiers dared to turn a deaf ear to their command’s-in-Chief orders.

Answer- command-in-Chief’s

90. Gandhiji lived a noble life of fasting and poverty in order to work for peaceful and independence.

Answer- for peace and

91. Mr Sharma is one of the best teacher in our school.

Answer- teachers

92. If you had not been so secretive you had told me all the fact earlier I could have helped you.

Answer- all the facts

93. Leaders of different state established nationalist organizations at provincial level.

Answer- states

94. I have read Tagore’s poems who is a great poet.

Answer- the poem of Tagore who

95. He received timely support from his elder brother who had been working abroad for the last six year.

Answer- last six years

96. Nandini’s father insisted on her marrying the man of his choice.

Answer- No Error

97. There is no place in the compartment.

Answer- There is no room in the

98. He heard the guard blowing whistled and knew it was time for him to enter the train.

Answer- blowing whistle

99. Some peoples feel depressed whenever they think of future because they do not believe in their own capabilities.

Answer- people

100. The director failed in films after films which he directed.

Answer- film after film

Ship after ship

Row upon row

One hour after another (hour)

City after city

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