One-Word Substitution Part-02
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One-Word Substitution Part-02

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  1. A person who lives by himself- Recluse
  2. An assembly of worshippers –Congregation
  3. A heavy continuous fall of rain –Downpour
  4. A public institution for the care and protection of children without parents –Orphanage
  5. An inscription on a tomb –Epitaph
  6. A man of evil reputation- Notorious
  7. A decorative ring of flowers and leaves –Wreath
  8. Shaking movement of the ground –Tremor
  9. A game in which no one wins –Draw
  10. The art of making maps and charts –Cartography
  11. Animals that can live on land and water –Amphibians
  12. Completing a period of hundred years –Centennial
  13. A figure with many angles or sides –Polygon
  14. A list of things to be discussed at a meeting –Agenda
  15. A large number of fish swimming together –Shoal
  16. A room or building for the preservation of plants –Plantain
  17. Liable to be easily broken –Brittle
  18. A principle or standard by which anything is or can be judged –Criterion
  19. A person who is self-centred –Egoist
  20. A word that reads the same as backward or forward –Pallindrome One-Word Substitution Part-02
  21. The firing of many guns at the same time to mark an occasion-Fusillade
  22. A person who supports or speaks in favour of something –Advocate
  23. One living on vegetables –Vegetarian
  24. An extract from a book of writing –Excerpt
  25. Person who files a suit –Plaintiff
  26. A person who abstains completely from alcoholic drinks –Teetotaller
  27. Long poem based on a noble theme –Epic
  28. One who lives both on land as well as in water –Amphibian
  29. A strong dislike –Animosity
  30. Take great pleasure –Revel
  31. The practice of having many wives –Polygamy
  32. Not likely to be easily pleased –Fastidious
  33. A professional soldier hired to serve in a foreign army –Mercenary
  34. A collection of slaves –Coffle
  35. One who is always doubting –Sceptic
  36. One who offers his services of his own freewill –Volunteer
  37. A person who repairs broken window-glasses –Glazier
  38. The art of beautiful handwriting –Calligraphy
  39. A writing or a speech in praise of someone – Eulogy
  40. Loss of memory –Amnesia
  41. A speech made without preparation –Extempore
  42. A speaker’s platform –Podium
  43. Science of practice of map drawing –Cartography
  44. Motive or incitement to action –Incentive
  45. A short trip or excursion –Jaunt
  46. Speech which is not audible –Inaudible
  47. Partner in crime –Accomplice
  48. A state where no law and order exists –Anarchy
  49. To free completely from blame –Exonerate One-Word Substitution Part-02
  50. Estimation of a thing’s worth –Appraisal
  51. A supplement to a will –Codicil
  52. A person who collects coins –Numismatists
  53. Favouritism granted in politics or business to relatives –Nepotism
  54. A word or practice that has gone out of use – Obsolete
  55. A part of a word that can be pronounced separately –Syllable
  56. Relating to kinship with the father –Patrilineal
  57. A special fondness or liking for –Propensity
  58. Something that might happen in the future –Affecting or relating to cows –Bovine
  59. A drink usually made from a mixture of one or more alcoholic drinks –Cocktail
  60. Passing out of use –Obsolescent
  61. The act of speaking about one’s thoughts when one is alone –Soliloquy
  62. All the arts, beliefs and social institutions etc, characteristics of a race – Civilization
  63. Small pieces of metal that fly out from an exploding bomb –Person believing in free will –Libertarian
  64. Hole excavated by an animal as dwelling –Pertaining to sheep –Bovine
  65. TO remove an objectionable part from a book –Expurgate
  66. A doctor who specializes in diseases of the nose –Rhinologist
  67. A man knows a lot about things like food, music and art – Connoisseur
  68. A wooden object used for connecting animals that are pulling a vehicle –Yoke
  69. Having a stale smell or taste –Rancid
  70. Material that changes naturally by the action of bacteria –Biodegradable
  71. Government by the few –Oligarchy
  72. Study of caves –Speleology
  73. A fictitious name especially one assumed by an author –Pseudonym
  74. Animals that eat flesh –Omnivorous
  75. A speech delivered without any preparation –Extempore
  76. A drug or other substance that induce sleep –Animals which suckle their young –Mammals
  77. Beyond correction –Incorrigible
  78. An event that causes great harm to dams –A book written by an unknown –Anonymous
  79. Inflammation of gums –Gingivitis
  80. Widespread scarcity of food –Famine
  81. A poem of fourteen lines –Sonnet One-Word Substitution Part-02
  82. Wild imagination –Fantasy
  83. An allowance made to a wife by her husband, when they are legally separated – Alimony
  84. One who believes everything he/she hears –Credulous
  85. Incapable of error –Infallible
  86. People of no fixed abode –Nomads
  87. A person who can make himself/herself feel at home in any country –Cosmopolitan
  88. Code of diplomatic etiquette and precedence –Protocol
  89. The full agreement of all members –Unanimously
  90. Short speech or poem given at the end of a play or a book –Epilogue
  91. Accidental good fortune –Fluke
  92. Lack of feeling –Apathy
  93. Brought back to mind –Reminisced
  94. A person who drives our motor cars –Chauffeur
  95. A small village or group of houses –Hamlet
  96. A person who loves everybody –Altruist
  97. Person leading a life of strict self-discipline –Ascetic
  98. One who is neither intelligent nor dull Mediocre
  99. That which can be drunk –Potable
  100. A government run by officials –Bureaucracy

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