One-Word Substitution Part-03
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One-Word Substitution Part-03

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  1. One who does something for the first time –Pioneer
  2. One who plays for pleasure rather than as a professional –Amateur
  3. Free somebody from blame or guilt –Exonerate
  4. Underground place for storing wine or other provisions –Cellar
  5. A list of explanations of rare, technical or obsolete words –Glossary
  6. Study of the interaction of people with their environment –Philosophy
  7. Incapable of being tired –Indefatigable
  8. Guilty of crime –Culpable
  9. That which cannot be reached –Inaccessible
  10. A person who collects and/or studies stamps –Philatelist
  11. People at a religious gathering –Congregation
  12. Government by wealthy –Plutocracy
  13. Branch of medicine concerned with children and their illness –Pediatrics
  14. Pay attention –Glance at One-Word Substitution Part-03
  15. One who is rather fastidious –Meticulous
  16. A written declaration of government or a political party –Manifesto
  17. Worth eating –Edible
  18. A person who wastes his money on luxury –Extravagant
  19. A medicine that softens the bowels –Laxative
  20. Sentimental longing for a period in a past –Nostalgia
  21. A person employed to drive a private or hired car –Chauffeur
  22. A person who always run after women –Philanderer
  23. Relating to countries of west –Occidental
  24. A partner in a crime –Accomplice
  25. A person who leaves one country to settle in another –Emigrant
  26. House or shelter of a gipsy –Caravan
  27. One who deals in flower –A florist
  28. A man who has more than one wife at a time –Polygamist
  29. One who eats no animal flesh –Vegetarian
  30. A woman whose husband is dead – Widow
  31. One who helps people by giving them money or other aid –Benefactor
  32. A method of boiling briefly to cook food slightly –Parboil
  33. A highly skilled musician –Virtuoso
  34. A person who believes that only selfishness motivates human actions – Cynic
  35. A cluster of flowers on a branch –Inflorescence
  36. Belief in many Gods-Polytheism One-Word Substitution Part-03
  37. Design made by putting together coloured pieces of glass or stones –Mosaic
  38. Poem in short stanza narrating a popular story –Ballad
  39. The schedule of travel – Itinerary
  40. Something which lasts forever –Eternal
  41. A policy that segregate people on the basis of race –Apartheid
  42. A particular method of working –Modus Operandi
  43. Walking in sleep –Somnambulism
  44. A person employed as a car driver for an important person –Chauffeur
  45. Fear of telling lies –Mythophobia
  46. A fear of closed/dark places –Claustrophobia
  47. Feeling annoyed at the sight of unfair treatment –Indignant
  48. Unwelcome aspect of a situation –Flip side
  49. Imposed a restriction on –Constrained
  50. One who hates mankind –Misanthrope
  51. To free a person by a verdict of ‘not guilty’ –Acquit
  52. To secure a boat by attaching it to an anchor –Moor
  53. To try to settle a dispute between two other parties –Mediate
  54. A vivacious and lively experience is said to be –Scintillating
  55. Wildly unreasonable, illogical or ridiculous –Absurd
  56. Constant efforts to achieve something –Perseverance
  57. The plant and a vegetation of a region –Flora
  58. A fourteen-line poem –Sonnet
  59. Showing a dislike of anything improper –Prim
  60. A person who leaves his own country in order to go and live in another –Emigrant
  61. That which cannot be avoided –Inevitable
  62. Artistic, musical or dramatic interpretation –Rendition
  63. Walking in sleep –Somnambulism
  64. Specially skilled in story telling –A raconteur One-Word Substitution Part-03
  65. Continuing for a long period of time without interruption –Perpetual
  66. Speech of great importance and gravity –Momentous
  67. A man who helps a stranger or a person in difficulties is –Samaritan
  68. A planned route or journey –Itinerary
  69. A story in which animals or objects speak and give wholesome moral lessons –Fable
  70. Act of injuring another’s reputation by any slanderous communication –Defamation
  71. A recurrent compulsive urge to steal –Kleptomania
  72. Not suitable for eating –Inedible
  73. A person who enters without any invitation –Intruder
  74. A process involving too much official formalities –Red-tapism
  75. Medical study of skin and its diseases –Dermatology
  76. The burial of corpse –Interment
  77. Conferred as an honor –Honorary
  78. One who makes an official examination of accounts –Auditor
  79. A person who deliberately sets fire to a building –Arsonist
  80. That which cannot be effaced – Indelible
  81. To free someone from all blames –Exonerate
  82. One who does not believe In the existence of God –Atheist
  83. One who has long experience –Veteran
  84. One who is too careless to plan for the future –Improvident
  85. Of one’s own free will –Voluntary
  86. One who runs away from justice or the law –Fugitive
  87. One who is skillful- Dexterous
  88. A person who deserves all praise –Laudable
  89. A study of ancient things –Archaeology
  90. Make pale by excluding fight –Etiolate
  91. Opinion contrary to accepted doctrine –Heresy One-Word Substitution Part-03
  92. A person who agrees to work for somebody in order to learn a skill –Apprentice
  93. That which cannot be avoided –Inevitable
  94. One who is concerned with the welfare of other –Altruist
  95. To die without making a will –Intestate
  96. A reserve for animals, birds etc. in their natural habitat –Sanctuary
  97. The area of medicine that treats illness of bones –Orthopaedics
  98. One who knows many languages –Polyglot
  99. A records of historical events –Archives
  100. A person who looks at the bright side of things –Optimist

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