One-Word Substitution Part-04
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One-Word Substitution Part-04

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  1. Study of skin and its diseases –Dermatology
  2. A remedy for all diseases –Panacea
  3. An excessive fear of confined spaces –Claustrophobia
  4. A person who is long experienced or practiced in an activity/capacity –Veteran
  5. Pretended attack –Feint
  6. A land fit for growing crops –Arable
  7. A thing fit to be eaten – Edible
  8. One who suffers for one’s faith –Martyr
  9. A child secretly changes for another in infancy –Changeling
  10. The branch of medical science which deals with the problems of the old –Geriatrics
  11. An image without objective reality –Hallucination
  12. A mournful poem or a song –Elegy One-Word Substitution Part-04
  13. That which is arranged by conferring or discussing –Seminar
  14. Something that is difficult to understand –Incomprehensible
  15. Chief or Commander of army –General
  16. One who cannot be corrected –Incorrigible
  17. Put side by side –Juxtapose
  18. One who pretends to be what he is not –Imposter
  19. A container for the ashes of a dead person –Urn
  20. To put two and two together – Symbiosis
  21. No longer in existence or use –Obsolete
  22. To destroy completely –Annihilate One-Word Substitution Part-04
  23. A song sung at the death of a person –Elegy
  24. A person who has had one or more limbs removed –Amputee
  25. One who is known widely but unusually unfavorably is –Notorious
  26. A statement in which you say the same thing twice in different words –Tautology
  27. Rub or wipe out –Efface
  28. The period between two regions- Era
  29. A person who is very selective , disgusted easily and is hard to please –Fastidious
  30. An error in misprint in printing or writing –Erratum
  31. A person extremely desirous of money –Avaricious
  32. Too willing to obey other people – Subservient
  33. Introductory part or lines to a discourse or play –Prologue
  34. Intentional damage to arrest production-Sabotage
  35. A handsome man –Adonis
  36. A cinema show held in the afternoon –Matinee
  37. Animals living in water –Aquatic
  38. A person who steals the writing of others –Plagiarist
  39. One who compiles a dictionary –Lexicographer
  40. Someone not fit to be chosen –Ineligible
  41. Art of working with metals –Metallurgy
  42. A gathering at a religious place –Congregation
  43. A place where birds are kept –Aviary One-Word Substitution Part-04
  44. The act of killing one’s own brother or sister –Fratricide
  45. A person who helps another to commit a crime –Accomplice
  46. A person worship only one God –Monotheist
  47. Submission to all that happens as inevitable –Fatalism
  48. Lasting for a very short time –Ephemeral
  49. A person who is easily deceived or tricked –Gullible
  50. Rules governing socially acceptable behavior –Etiquette
  51. One who is in charge of Museum –Curator
  52. An act of misappropriation of money –Embezzlement
  53. One who cannot make any mistake –Infallible
  54. An exact copy –Facsimile One-Word Substitution Part-04
  55. To give money for sales to agents –Commission
  56. A person who is working in the same institution –Colleague
  57. Favouritism shown by a person in power to his relatives –Nepotism
  58. A round-about way of expression –Circumlocution
  59. Suitable or intended only for young persons –Juvenile
  60. A record of one’s own life written by oneself –Autobiography
  61. Belong to same period –Contemporary
  62. One who listens secretly to private conversation –Eavesdropper
  63. Someone who is incapable of being quietened or pacified –Implacable
  64. Government by Department of State –Bureaucracy
  65. The killing of a race –Genocide
  66. Lack of skills –Ineptness
  67. Stick with a thick end used in mortar for pounding –Pestle
  68. Drug which cause people to sleep early –Soporific
  69. The study of skin –Dermatology
  70. A rough, violent, troublesome person –Tartar
  71. A brave, noble – minded or chivalrous man –Gallant
  72. Obsession with books –Bibliomania
  73. A large body of people playing musical instruments –Orchestra
  74. Solemn religious acts –Rites
  75. That which cannot be averted –Inevitable
  76. One who sets type for books, newspapers, etc. –Compositor
  77. Land covered by water on three sides –Peninsula
  78. A remedy for all diseases –Panacea
  79. A piece of shelter for ships –Harbour
  80. Of the highest degree –Superlative One-Word Substitution Part-04
  81. A place where soldiers live –Barracks
  82. A man who collects old and new coins –Numismatics
  83. Regular user of places/restaurant etc. –Clientele
  84. A thing no longer in use –Obsolete
  85. A place where astronomical observations are made –Observatory
  86. Killing one’s sister –Sororicide
  87. A person who has lost protection of law –Outlaw
  88. Falsification of documents etc. –Forgery
  89. To make atonement to one’s sins –Expiate
  90. Committing murder in revenge –Vendetta
  91. The thing that can be easily broken –Brittle
  92. An unimportant person –Nonentity
  93. Experts who scientifically study insects –Entomologists
  94. One who presend to be what he is not –Hypocrite
  95. A paper/ story/ poem first written out by hand –Manuscript
  96. A job carrying no salary –Honorary One-Word Substitution Part-04
  97. Act of stealing in small quantities –Pilferages
  98. Pertaining to the west –Occidental
  99. A place where money is coined –Mint
  100. The process by which plants and animals breathe –Respiration

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