Set-10 PEB Previous Years Sets

26. Find the word which is most opposite in meaning to the given word.


(A) uncivilized

(B) civilized

(C) cruel

(D) brutal

27. Find the word which is most similar in meaning to the given word.


(A) invalid

(B) common

(C) authentic

(D) general

28. Find the word which is most similar in meaning to the given word.


(A) static

(B) oscillate

(C) stationary

(D) still

29. Find the word which is most similar in meaning to the given word.


(A) dignified

(B) graceful

(C) ungraceful

(D) honorable

30. Find the word which is most similar in meaning to the given word.


(A) profuse

(B) scarce

(C) sufficient

(D) plenty

31. Don’t run because you……..fall.

(A) must

(B) ought to

(C) might

(D) shall

32. If you fall ill, you…….stay inside.

(A) may

(B) might

(C) must be

(D) should

33. I asked whether………sit there.

(A) could

(B) must

(C) need

(D) dare

34. The house ……….four rooms.

(A) consists off

(B) consists of

(C) consists with

(D) consists by

35. She……….me both in habits and looks.

(A) differs with

(B) differs by

(C) differs from

(D) differs for

PEB Previous Years Sets

36. Here are two books, take……….you want.

(A) whatever

(B) whichever

(C) wherever

(D) however

37. She is the woman………I met in Hyderabad.

(A) whom

(B) which

(C) that

(D) whose

38. The victim broke down while narrating his sufferings.

(A) fell down

(B) wept

(C) went away

(D) come down

39. I……..this movie twice.

(A) seen

(B) have saw

(C) have seen

(D) has seen

40. My friend…………my fees, before I reached the school.

(A) have paid

(B) has paid

(C) paid

(D) had paid

41. The cat jumped………the table.

(A) onto

(B) on

(C) of

(D) in

42. We got………the bus.

(A) onto

(B) off

(C) at

(D) across

43. One….her friend is a doctor.

(A) for

(B) from

(C) off

(D) with

44. I go to bed………10 o’clock.

(A) on

(B) from

(C) in

(D) at

45. My sister speaks Marathi. 

I don’t.

(A) moreover

(B) but

(C) inspite

(D) because

46. She was ill. 

She went to hospital.

(A) else

(B) otherwise

(C) hence

(D) for

47. We stayed at home……. of the rain.

(A) during

(B) because

(C) while

(D) nevertheless

48. They sang……..danced all evening.

(A) but

(B) while

(C) and

(D) due to

49. …….Priya…….. I eat meat.

(A) not only, but

(B) neither, nor

(C) neither, or

(D) either, nor

50. ……..he is undergoing much hardship……. He does not borrow anything from anybody.

(A) not only, but also

(B) even if, then

(C) although, even

(D) though, yet

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