Power of your subconscious mind ( Power of your subconscious mind )

Who Is Miracle man-Morris Goodman

Miracles also happen in this world of ours and are done by humans only.

Today we will see the story of such a person, seeing which you will be sure that if a person is determined, then he can make miracles possible.

This is the story of Morris Goodman living in America.  Morris Goodman was a college drop out.  He had no idea what he wanted to do in life.  He was a misguided, directionless youth.  He had no knowledge of the direction of his life.

One day suddenly his eyes fell on a book.  That book was Think and Grow Rich

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Morris Goodman started reading that and came to know about the Power of Subconscious Mind.

Knowing the power of subconscious mind, he started using it.  And in a few years he built his business worth crores.

But my friend, this story has just begun.

When Morris Goodman became a successful businessman, he obtained his own pilot license.  Then he bought his personal Airplane.

One day Morris Goodman was flying his plane alone.  Suddenly the engine of his plane broke down without warning.

In that situation, Morris Goodman tried to make the plane an emergency landing.

But before the emergency landing, his plane crashed on the ground.  The plane hit the ground so badly that the plane got blown up and exploded.

By the grace of God, Morris Goodman survived, but his condition was such that he could not even breathe on his own.

He was immediately rushed to the hospital.

The entire body was paralyzed and he could not even breathe.  He could not even speak.  He could only blink.

His back bone was also badly broken.  Now he was breathing from hospital machine.

Means to say that he was alive on the machines of the hospital.

After some time of treatment, the doctor told Morris’ family that Morris would never be able to breathe or walk without a machine.  Because his whole body is paralyzed and his backbone is also broken.

Morris Goodman could not breathe and move on his own, but he could hear.  When he heard this from the doctor. He completely rejected the words of the doctors.

He said to himself – These doctors cannot decide my future.  They can’t tell what I can and I can’t.

He knew the power of subconscious mind so he decided to use it to cure himself completely.

On the same day he decided that exactly after 3 months from today he himself will get up and walk on his feet and go home.

From that day onwards, being healthy in his mind, he started making pictures of how he would walk home on his feet and started visualizing it daily.

Now you will not easily believe what I am going to tell you.

Exactly three months later he got out of his bed.

He got up and walked out of the hospital on the same day that he had decided.

Nobody believed it.  Everyone considered it a miracle.  None of the doctors believed in it.  They wondered, How is this possible!

And since then people started calling Morris Goodman the Miracle Man.

Today Morris Goodman is a world-renowned motivational speaker.

If you also start using the power of your subconscious brain like Morris Goodman, you too can soon live your dreams.

Power of your subconscious mind

Power of your subconscious mind

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